23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 Review | Very durable

For campers who love being outdoors year-round, a specialised sleeping system, like the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400, is best. This 4-season swag has heavy-duty construction and high-quality materials, so you can stay warm and dry no matter the weather condition. Its smart design even makes it a standout among other similar double swags. Featuring a near-vertical wall form, four-way entry and adjustable gussets, the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 is one spacious swag made for comfort and 100% pleasant camping experience!


Swags are typically suitable for camping in dry conditions. While they can stand up against winds and rain, they may not be at their best for winter camping. Campers who seek outdoor adventure year-round would need a swag with all-weather construction and features. And when it comes to multi-season versatility, the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 takes centre stage.

Its roomy interior fits up to two people, and the four zippered doors make going in and out convenient. Rolling up the covers lets the air pass through the superfine mesh. And when it’s too cold, unzip its unique end gussets to prevent condensation. This flexible swag even comes with useful details that experienced campers are sure to appreciate.

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Best Features of the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400

The exterior of the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 alone displays how well-built this swag is. The feel of its fabric is thick and quite heavy, which also indicates its superior moisture resistance. The generous interior is impressive as well. But there’s more to this swag than excellent structure and space.


One way to make the most of any camping gear is to consider its versatility. A camping gear that you can use in all sorts of ways or conditions lessens maintenance requirements and your need to buy additional accessories. Some campers also choose to invest on a versatile, more expensive gear as, in the long run, it’s more cost-efficient. The 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400, for example, has several features that are more adaptable to different camping needs:

  • It’s freestanding. This swag is perfectly stable even without staking it down. It’s easy to move around even after fully setting it up. Also, the freestanding design lets you use it on top of a suitable stretcher to keep the base off the cold or wet ground.
  • It’s a four-season swag. The 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 easily adapts to any weather. Roll up its zip-down covers to let air in during summer or keep them down when it’s cold or raining. The adjustable zippered canopy gussets on both ends can be zipped tight while winter camping or left open for humid conditions.
  • It has all-weather awnings. The two metal grommets at the corners of each cover can be attached to optional awning poles. This extra awning allows you to do some cooking, store your camping gear outside and more. And there are four of them in total, meaning more options and space for you.
  • It has four entryways. Getting in and out is convenient no matter which side of the camping swag you are on. This feature is helpful, especially if two people are sharing the camping swag. Also, while in the Bandit Swag, you can unzip one side to enjoy the view and some fresh air without getting wet in the rain or baking under the sun.

Extra durable

blankThe 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 is capable of withstanding even harsh conditions through its top-notch construction and choice of materials. For instance, it uses the gold standard 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas with urethane coating underneath for its cover.

Although heavier than traditional swag fabric, this woven material is moisture-proof and more durable. The sewing technique for this swag is sturdy as well, using Tex 90 polycotton thread with 501 lockstitch needle seams. The exposed seams on the camping swag are fully seam-sealed from the inside, which allows you to use it straight out of the box even without seasoning.

At the bottom is an HF-welded PVC bucket floor that should keep the swag dry and warm. There are three 9.5mm T6 alloy poles and one adjustable ridge pole with trigger lock for this swag. All of which are heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant. If you’re placing the camping swag on your roof rack, the carry bag included should keep it safe and dry while on transport. The bag has the same canvas material as the swag itself. It opens up fully, making it easier for you to put the swag back inside.

Comfortable and well-ventilated

A swag is no-good if you won’t feel comfortable in it. To ensure a good night’s sleep, the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 includes a 70mm high-density foam mattress. It comes with a removable black polycotton cover that won’t stain easily. Each doorway has a zippered superfine mesh for air circulation and insect protection.

The mesh panels are also PVC-coated for some moisture control and added durability. One thing I like about the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 is its unique box-like shape. The three angled dome poles stretch the corners of the cover. This structural design prevents the walls from drooping and gives you extra height inside for better mobility.

Available in other sizes

The 23Zero Bandit Swag range is available in three sizes, 900, 1100 and 1400, to suit varying needs and camping requirements. These model numbers represent the width (in millimetres) of each swag type. They all have the same length, with slight variations in height. This size variability lets solo campers enjoy the same excellent features of the Bandit range.



Things to Note

The feature-packed 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 shows promise in providing the ultimate camping experience whether you’re on a summer or winter adventure. But the thing is, some of its features may not suit some campers. Here are some of them.

Very heavy

The camping swag weighs a whopping 19kg, which is difficult to lug around. Campers who prefer lightweight hiking may find this swag a little too heavy and bulky. We can attribute the swag’s weight to its heavy canvas material, foam thickness and number of poles. These components, however, make the camping swag able to withstand extreme conditions. So, if you’re not into that kind of adventure, this swag is probably not for you.

Takes time to set up

The 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 uses both clip and sleeve systems for setting up its poles. Also, you would have to attach the adjustable ridge pole to keep the top taut. Assembly is not very complicated, but the setting it up should take longer than usual. But then again, the intricate assembly and extra support reinforce the swag.

Misplaced inner pockets

The two inner pockets of this camping swag somehow ended up at its foot end. The unusual design is a minor issue, but some users may find this rather inconvenient. Still, the pockets are well-made and useful. But it would have been better if they were somewhere near the head section for easier access.

Pros and Cons

  • Freestanding and can be paired with a suitable stretcher
  • Four-season swag with adjustable zippered canopy gussets
  • Storm covers have metal grommets for attaching to optional awning poles
  • With four doorways for easy access
  • Features thick and durable 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas with urethane coating
  • Exposed seams are sealed from the inside and sewn using polycotton thread
  • Includes three 9.5mm T6 alloy poles and one adjustable ridge pole with trigger lock
  • Canvas bag opens up fully for easy packing up and storage
  • Comes with a soft 70mm high-density foam mattress with removable black cover
  • Durable PVC-coated superfine mesh for ventilation
  • Angled poles to prevent droopy walls and for added height
  • Swag product range is available in three different sizes
  • Bulky and very heavy
  • Requires more time to set up
  • Less accessible inner pockets at the foot end



Final Thoughts

If you’re after durability, convenience and versatility, the 23Zero Bandit Swag 1400 should be at the top of your buy list. With its exceptional construction, materials and design, there’ll be fewer limits to your outdoor plans and goals. Plus, it’s a comfy swag that has lots of room, doorways, mesh panels and awnings. A camping swag as big as the Bandit 1400 may not be for casual campers though. However, it’s a worthy investment for seasoned adventurers who enjoy year-round camping and can efficiently deal with harsh camping conditions.

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