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6 Best Things to Do in Perth for Free

Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can always visit Western Australia and look for free things to do in Perth!

This city has a lot of attractions, whether you are travelling with kids or your best mates. Here are some ideas for budget-conscious adventurers like you!

1. Have a Picnic at the Park

No trip to the Western Australia capital is complete without a visit to Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. It’s a must for nature lovers, especially during wildflower season.

Apart from the variety of flora and fauna, Kings Park also boasts panoramic views of the city and its skyline – perfect for IG-worthy snapshots! To make the most of your stay, try some of the free walking tours here, too.

Strolling along the glass bridge of Lotterywest Foundation Walkway is among the best things to do in Perth, so don’t skip this one out. Afterwards, end your day with a relaxing picnic under a tree while taking in the scenery.

2. Hit the Beach

We all know that Australia is home to some of the world’s best beaches. And Perth is no different. So, make sure to go on a coastal walk while you’re here.

Some of the famous beach trails are Leighton to Cottesloe and Fremantle Harbour to South Beach. But you’re free to set your pace and the ground you want to cover.

Now, if you are into water sports, Perth’s beautiful beaches are also perfect for paddleboarding. Just like the Gold Coast, you can easily find a SUP boarding site here for a good workout and lots of spectacular views.

Venture Thrill_Things to Do in Perth Swan Valley

3. Take a Trip to a Local Winery

If you’re a wine lover and looking for free things to do in Perth, then Swan Valley is the perfect destination. This site is ideal for a day trip full of wine tasting and local food sampling!

The scenic loop also features vineyards, breweries, distilleries and restaurants. You can also visit some of its old churches and museums. Encountering native wildlife is also very likely.

There’s plenty of things to see and do here for sure. And you don’t have to spend anything, except if you plan to take home a bottle of wine, of course!

4. Discover the Artist in You

Even if you’re not into art, visiting the Perth Cultural Centre is one of the best things to do in Perth. It’s an ideal stop to appreciate creativity and learn something new.

Here, you can go to the Western Australian Museum, the State Library and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

One thing you shouldn’t miss is the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Entrance is free, but a small donation is also welcome.

Aside from pieces made by local and international artists, the gallery always has new exhibits, making occasional visits unique. You can also check the AGWA website to see upcoming events with free entry.

Venture Thrill_Things to Do in Perth Fremantle Markets

5. Explore Market Stalls

Less than an hour south of Perth is beautiful Fremantle, where you can go market stall hopping! This place was built in 1897 and is also home to over 150 shops.

Yes, going inside Fremantle Markets is free. But the array of fresh produce, homewares, pottery and jewellery will make it challenging not to spend anything!

And then, there’s also The Yard, where you will find the best doughnuts, ice cream and cupcakes. I suggest giving in to temptation and grabbing a bite to eat while enjoying the beach view or live music.

Near the marketplace, beer enthusiasts can also swing by the Little Creatures Brewery for a free tour.

6. Visit a Sunset View Spot

On top of white sand and crystal waters, sunsets in Perth are equally stunning. So, if you plan to relax by the ocean, it’s best to wait for the blue sky to turn pink and orange.

Cottesloe Beach is one of the city’s top sites for watching the sunset. Aside from the boats on the horizon, you also get to see kite surfers riding the wind and waves here.

But any Perth beach is perfect for a picturesque sunset view. It’s even better when you sit on the sand with beer and pizza on both hands!

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