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7 Water Sports in Bali for Non-Swimmers

Bali in Indonesia is a natural wonder, best known for its beautiful oceans and exciting water sport activities. But what if swimming isn’t exactly your forte? Or what if you want to spend time underwater with children? Whatever the reason is, this island has something for everyone. Check out these water sports in Bali that anyone can enjoy even without a diving certificate.

1. Underwater Scooter

Fun adventure? Check! No scuba diving skills? Double check! If this is your checklist, then you’ll surely enjoy an underwater scooter ride, one of the most novel water sports in Bali. Here, you can forget about heavy and complicated diving gear to explore the seabed. Instead, you’ll be riding a personal ocean motorbike with matching head bubble. All you need is to steer the handlebars to change directions or press the button to go faster.

The scooter can go up to 2km per hour and reach up to 20m deep. It comes with an oxygen tube, so you can freely see reefs and marine life through the headgear. There will be instructors to guide you, too, to ensure safety. You can check this water activity out at Serangan Island, one of Bali’s top surfing destinations and nesting ground for green sea turtles.

2. Marine Walk

Here’s another non-swimming adventure you can do in Bali that’s a walk in the park – the ocean park, that is! Sea walking in Bali is quite similar to the scooter ride. But instead of steering a motorbike, you’ll only be putting on a specialised helmet to let you see and breathe underwater. That means you can walk on the seafloor, see reefs up close and feed fishes by hand, all without getting your hair wet!

The water helmet, connected to an oxygen hose from a pontoon, can take you up to 25m deep. Adventurers as young as nine and even up to 70 years can take on this walk. An no need to worry about safety as professional divers will be with you throughout the tour. If you want to experience being an ocean walker, you can choose from several beaches on the island, including Tanjung Benoa, Sanur and Nusa Lembongan.

3. Water Tubing

If you prefer to stay above water but with a little more thrill, there are several water sports in Bali that you should try. One of which is water or canyon tubing. Unlike rafting, where you’ll be paddling and braving the rapids in a group, water tubing is a solo adventure. Here, you’ll be riding an inflatable tube, hold on its side handles then let the river take you to sudden bumps and drops!

You’ll ride with safety equipment on, of course. And aside from experiencing the rapids, you get to see Bali’s lush forests, kingfishers and swinging monkeys along the way. Some popular water tube sites are the rivers of Penet, Ayung, Pekerisan and Siap.

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4. Kayaking

This water sport is perfect if you love paddling and exploring the waters on your own. Of course, kayaking is nothing new. However, kayaking in an exotic island with vast blue-green oceans and marine life promises an extraordinary experience.

You don’t have to be a swimmer for this adventure. But if that’s the case, I recommend choosing your rapid grade and going with a kayaking partner or group. Also, plan your trip during Bali’s dry weather, around March, June or August. East Coast Bali, Ayung River and Livadi Beach are some of the best kayaking spots you should see.

5. Jet Skiing

One thing you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Bali is a jet ski ride. There’s nothing more exhilarating than cruising the water at extreme speed! Don’t worry. Contrary to what others say, even non-swimmers can try jet skiing. You’ll have to wear life jackets before you set out, too. Plus, you can always rent the boat and have a professional instructor go with you. Just make sure to hold on tight!

6. Doughnut/Banana Boats and Flying Fish

If your idea of fun is riding an inflatable while a speed boat tows you across the water, then these thrilling options won’t disappoint. The best thing is, you can do them in pairs or groups, depending on the boat capacity. Also, most beach operators on the island offer them.

But if you’re looking for extra exciting things to do in Bali, make sure to try the flying fish ride in Tanjung Benoa. It’s one of the newest water sports on the island where you and your companion get to fly over the ocean while strapped on a flat rubber boat!

7. Parasailing

Flying and water sports in Bali do make a great combo. Aside from the flying fish, there’s also the ever-famous parasailing. Here, you can soar even higher while secured to a parachute tied to a speedboat. Of course, the best part of it all is that there’s no swimming skill required. All you need is to feel the ocean breeze and enjoy the view!

When you’re ready to take things to the next level, this list of extreme water sports should come in handy.

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