ACOPOWER R50A 50L Solar Fridge Freezer Review | Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Portable coolers may be the easiest way to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh. But then a few hours later, you’ll have to drain them and buy another batch of ice. Camping fridge freezers are ideal, but they use up batteries and can be bulky.

The ACOPOWER R50A 50L Solar Fridge Freezer might change your mind. This sleek unit has lots of room for your camping supplies and wheels to let you roll it like a suitcase. And throw your worries about batteries out the window as this camping fridge freezer has a built-in battery that you can charge in three different ways. It can even work off the grid!


The ACOPOWER R50A 50L Solar Fridge Freezer easily stands out with its trolley design. Even when filled with your favourite camping food and drinks, you’ll have no trouble moving this portable fridge from one campsite to the next. But what sets it apart from the rest is its built-in rechargeable battery that lets your run the unit for 10 to 15 hours at full charge.

Once the battery runs out, you can charge it through your car lighter port, an AC outlet or solar panel. With this camping fridge freezer, you won’t have to worry about running out of power or purchasing reserve batteries. Yes, it is quite expensive. But there’s more to this portable fridge that makes it worth the investment.

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Best Features of the ACOPOWER R50A 50L Solar Fridge Freezer

If you’re planning to spend a few days on the road, ample food supply is crucial. With the ACOPOWER R50A 50L Solar Fridge Freezer in your arsenal, you can keep sodas chilled or your meats frozen. Aside from using your car battery or standard power outlet, you can also connect to a portable solar panel. Once charged, you can keep it running on its own using its lithium battery. If that sounds impressive, read on to find out what else this camping fridge freezer has to offer.

Versatile power and charging options

blankPerhaps the best feature of the ACOPOWER fridge freezer is its replaceable battery and multiple charging options. This attribute not only ensures smooth-sailing camping but also gives you peace of mind. It makes the ACOPOWER unit reliable in homes with frequent power outages or campsites with an unstable power supply.

Inside the unit is a 15600mA/11.1V 173Wh lithium-ion battery. You can replace this battery when needed, and it can power your camping fridge freezer for 10 to 15 hours off the grid when fully charged at 0C temperature setting.

When it’s time to recharge it, you can connect it to one of these three options: car lighter port (DC outlet), AC outlet or solar panel. A DC power cord, AC adaptor and solar charge cable are all included in the package. Connecting your camping fridge to a DC or AC power source will operate the unit and charge its battery at the same time.

Charging your unit will take about 4 hours or longer, depending on your power source. It won’t take long before you can keep it running again while on the way to your next adventure!

Large capacity

There are no inner baskets or storage dividers in the ACOPOWER fridge freezer. However, it lets you maximise its generous 50L capacity. To give you an idea of how much you can store in this large camping fridge freezer, you can use these details for reference:

Type of ContainerNumber It Can Hold
2L soda bottle8
500ml water bottle30
355ml soda can64
236ml water bottle70

Very portable

The 50L ACOPOWER R50A Solar Fridge Freezer can surely store a lot of food and drinks. Good thing it has heavy-duty wheels and a telescopic handle to match. This way, you can transport even heavy loads with ease. Alternatively, you can carry the fridge using its side handles, which are conveniently recessed to save space. With this trolley design, there’s no need to purchase an additional fridge slide either. The trolley design is also perfect if you’re going on a multi-day trip and moving to different campsites.

Convenient features

blankAside from being highly portable, this ACOPOWER unit has other features that make it convenient and easy to use:

  • Detachable lid. This feature lets you fill the fridge quickly, access food more easily or put it large food items. Cleaning the cover is a breeze, too. The top also has grooves for holding two drink containers and things like your phone or tablet while charging.
  • Easy-to-read thermostat. The LCD screen works together with the user-friendly control panel for easy temperature adjusting and monitoring.
  • Stable built. While the unit works best on a flat surface, it can also withstand wobbles, bumps and inclined angles up to 35°.
  • USB output (+5VDC /2.1A). This port comes in handy when you need to charge your phone, tablet and other small electronics.
  • Cooling mode control. Setting the unit to MAX lets the unit cool down quickly. Once it reaches the desired temperature, you can switch to ECO mode to save on energy.
  • Car battery protection. Like other camping fridge freezers, ACOPOWER has three-level battery protection that prevents excessive discharging if you’re using onboard DC battery for power. Make sure to set it to high (H) when connecting your unit to your car or low (L) to a back-up battery.

Optional accessories

There’s an ACOPOWER website that you can visit for checking out its other products. For this particular camping fridge model, smaller 30L and 40L capacities are also available. If you opt to power your unit with a solar panel, it’s probably best to get one from a trusted solar power company like ACOPOWER. One excellent add-on is its solar panel kit that’s ultra-light and folds up into a compact suitcase.


Things to Note

The 50L ACOPOWER R50A Solar Fridge Freezer is excellent in many aspects, from its operation to transport. But some users may not find it as impressive considering its few downsides. Here are some of them.


This drawback is pretty much a given when you think about the unique capabilities and power of this portable fridge. However, compared with the distinctive features of other fridge units, ACOPOWER’s features are useful and economical in the long run. So, if you frequently travel to long distances, and are willing to invest, this unit may be a better choice than other high-end alternatives.

Solar requirements

If you’re using solar panels to charge your fridge, make sure you’re travelling on sunny weather or warm regions. You don’t want to be out on a rainy day with just a solar panel and this fridge in toll. Make sure to bring the other optional cables in case solar power is not available.

Proper positioning

The motor of the ACOPOWER R50A is at the top and takes up about one-third of its entire width. Air circulation to feed the compressor may be a problem if you do not find a good position for your portable fridge. Place it somewhere with the least blockage, or better yet, run it with open space around.

Quite noisy

A noisy compressor is nothing new with camping fridge freezers, and ACOPOWER R50A sadly has the same issue. Users claimed the noise got louder after using the unit several times. Position it a little far from your camping site so you can still enjoy a relaxing night of undisturbed sleep.

Pros and Cons

  • Has built-in replaceable lithium battery
  • With three battery charging options: car lighter port, AC outlet or solar panel
  • Includes cables to connect to multiple power sources
  • Works 10 to 15 hours off the grid when fully charged at 0C temperature setting
  • Large capacity with convenient trolley design
  • Recessed side handles to save space
  • Stable at inclined angles up to 35°
  • Has a USB port for recharging small electronics
  • With detachable lid, clear LCD screen and user-friendly control panel
  • Can be upgraded with other ACOPOWER accessories
  • Equipped with ECO mode and three-level battery protection
  • Made by US-based solar supply company with excellent customer service
  • Requires good weather if using solar panels for power
  • Needs to be positioned properly
  • Noisy operation
  • No wire basket and thermal cover
  • Expensive

blankFinal Thoughts

You might be spending more than necessary for a camping fridge freezer like the ACOPOWER R50A. But then again, you may not find a model that is as versatile, convenient and camp-friendly. On top of its stylish trolley design, its multiple power options will make serious campers enjoy more and worry less.

With its myriad of handy fridge controls, your food supply stays cold and fresh even on long drives. And who wouldn’t prefer trusted makers when making big purchases? Overall, the ACOPOWER R50A is well worth the money. And I believe, its well-made features may even help you avoid further expenses in the future.

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