ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent Review | Freestanding 4-Person Tent

When buying a tent, durability and versatility are the top features considered. Rather than prioritise flashy design and impressive look, discerning hikers want a tent that can stand up to most elements and last for a long time. These essential factors make the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent a popular choice. It may not have the striking colours or standout appeal some similar tents have, but its manufacturer built it with your comfort, safety and hiking experience in mind.


The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent is a freestanding, double-wall, 3-season shelter. This 4-person tent weighs about 3.9kg, which makes up the inner tent, rainfly, two folding tent poles, guy ropes, pegs and a carry bag. It’s also available in brown and orange or grey and navy colours.

ALPS is a North American brand for outdoor gear and has been operating since 1993. Its founder and his entire family are outdoor lovers. The ALPS company, which stands for Active Lifestyle Products & Services, is centred on creating high-quality and feature-rich gear that delivers beyond its price value. Moreover, the company is said to respond to emailed customer queries in minutes. If that doesn’t impress you, here’s a more detailed list of how the ALPS Lynx, the Backpackers Classic Pick of 2017, guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Best Features of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

The ALPS Lynx tent folds into a compact 58cm x 15cm, which is relatively small considering its 4-person capacity. Hikers will have no trouble fitting this outside their backpack or placing it inside the car for camping. The dome tent showcases a roomy interior once put up. However, full-grown adults may not see it as a comfortable home for four. The feel and look of the tent material are commendable though, from its poles to the floor, and promise excellent weather resistance. Let’s go into detail and see what else this tent has in store for us.

Sturdy construction

blankThe ALPS Lynx tent has a design similar to the ALPS Taurus range. However, what makes it different is the material used for its poles. The Taurus tent has fibreglass poles that can break or shatter in strong winds. The 7000-series aluminium poles of the Lynx tent, on the other hand, are lighter, more robust and flexible against the wind. This aluminium material is also today’s gold standard for tent poles. Moreover, production goes through high manufacturing standards to ensure quality.

The tent’s pegs or stakes have durable 7075 aluminium construction, which is of higher quality than most entry-level tent items. The poles and tent pegs are the essential factors to consider when evaluating durability. And thanks to the high-quality materials of this ALPS tent, hikers do not have to worry about immediate repair or upgrade costs.

Top-notch waterproofing

blankThe ALPS Lynx is a 3-season tent, so it has to withstand most weather conditions, rain or shine. The manufacturer ensured this by using 75D 185T polyester with 1500mm coating for its rainfly. This material is water-resistant, provides UV protection and stays taut even in strong winds or on uneven surfaces. You won’t have to stress about the tent walls sloping or getting out of shape no matter where you pitch it.

The tent floor is also impressively thick. Rather than use the same material as the rainfly, the producer opted for a more moisture-resistant 75D 185T poly taffeta with 2000mm coating. Most umbrellas would have around 500mm waterproofing, so this one will surely keep you dry even on a rainstorm. Also, for better weather and water seepage protection, both rainfly and tent floor come with factory-sealed seams.

Easy assembly

blankALPS claims that Lynx is a frustration-free tent once you start putting it up. And the manufacturer did it by paying attention to the small details. For instance, the aluminium tent poles snap in place in no time. And instead of sliding them through mesh sleeves, the inner tent has clips that easily attach to the poles. The Lynx tent is also freestanding, so you’ll have no problem picking it up, tilting it to shake off debris or moving it on a whim.

At the four corners of your inner tent are grommet holes where you can slip each end of your two-pole system. There are two grommet holes on every corner, which makes it easy to stretch or tighten your tent based on the conditions. The grommet hole is also lighter and more hassle-free than the usual clip or sleeve types. If you need to put on the rainfly, the Velcro straps keep it attached to the pole, while the buckle clips connect it to the inner tent. The buckle clips have adjustable straps, too, so you can stretch the rainfly if needed.

With its easy-to-assemble design, it’s no wonder hikers who have used this tent can put it up in 8 minutes or less. Most users can assemble it even without going through the step-by-step guide or watching instructional videos. It is that simple and straightforward.

Good ventilation and storage space

blankFeatures that promote comfort and convenience are integrated well into the ALPS Lynx tent. If you are sharing the tent with two or more people, you’ll have no problem getting in or out with its two doorways. You don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping over each other if you have to get up in the wee hours of the morning.

The ceiling, walls and doors of the tent have ample mesh lining. This feature has many purposes, including excellent ventilation and insect protection. If you’re using this hiking tent without the rainfly, its inside stays cool even on a hot day, while its ceiling mesh is perfect for viewing the night sky.

The tent only has two interior side pockets, but its other storage spaces make up for it. It has two spacious vestibules (about 89cm in depth) on each doorway for your bulky gear and shoes. These areas will help keep your sleeping area clean and clutter-free. The vestibules also double as antechambers, in case of bad weather, to keep you warm and dry inside.

Another unique feature of the ALPS Lynx tent that I like is the gear loft. This storage area acts as a shelf for storing larger items like flashlights that you need to use now and then. The gear loft is also perfect as a makeshift clothesline for hanging damp clothing.

Superior zippers

I know this may not be a significant feature for some, but small or poorly made zippers are a constant problem in hiking tents. It can cause snagging without proper care and use, which eventually affect your tent’s overall longevity. So, with ALPS trying to resolve this issue by using #8 extra-large zippers for its tent doors and vestibules is noteworthy.


Things to Note

Like other hiking tents, the ALPS Lynx has its own set of downsides. Make sure to keep this in mind when purchasing this tent.

Too small for four

blankThe tent has plenty of room for three full-grown adults with small kids or a pet. But at 260cm maximum width, that means each adult would only have about 65cm of shoulder space when lying down. To stay comfortable, you may want to consider getting a 6-person tent instead.

Also, while its peak height allows sufficient headroom when sitting down, the tent is not high enough for you to stand up inside. We expect this drawback, given the tent’s compact packed size and weight. However, others may need more headspace, especially if people will need to stand and move around inside the tent.

Quite heavy

The ALPS Lynx tent isn’t ultra-light. Although it is considered a backpacking tent, some users may find it too heavy to bring and carry for a long-distance hike. This tent, however, works well for casual or car camping trips or any other adventure types where tent weight is not an issue.

Not made for winter

blankIf you love winter camping or plan to experience it, then this ALPS Lynx may not be the one you need. This 3-season tent is best for spring, summer and autumn. Its weather resistance features will not hold up well in snowy conditions. Insulation may be a problem, and condensation build-up is likely to be an issue. Although it is generally well-constructed, this tent does not have the right materials fit for cold temperatures.

Pros and Cons

  • Durable and water-resistant 75D 185T polyester fly and poly taffeta floor with factory-sealed seams and UV protection
  • High-quality aluminium poles secured by adjustable grommet holes
  • Includes top-of-the-line tent pegs and two easy-access doorways
  • Frustration-free tent assembly, even without the help of a manual or instructional video
  • Rainfly attaches to the inner tent with Velcro straps and quick-release, adjustable buckle clips
  • Has extra-large zippers to avoid snagging
  • With two spacious vestibules easily accessible on either entry way
  • With ample mesh lining (doors, walls and ceiling) for good ventilation and insect protection
  • Includes two inner side pockets and a large gear loft for storing larger essentials or drying clothes
  • Replacement parts or accessories available
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Durable with strong weather resistance
  • Too cramped for four full-grown adults
  • Does not allow standing up inside
  • Portable but not ultra-lightweight
  • Not for winter camping

Final Thoughts

blankIf you need a tent with excellent durability and reliable performance, ALPS Lynx 4-person tent has exceptional attributes that deliver. The manufacturer has efficiently put the best features together to ensure this tent withstand hot and wet conditions. The attention spent on designing its small details also contributes to the tent’s outstanding wear and tear resistance. Undoubtedly, hikers will stay safe and comfortable in this well-ventilated and easy-to-assemble tent.

As a 3-season tent, it is not suitable for winter camping, which limits its versatility. Its interior space and weight may also be a problem. However, for casual hikers or small families, the ALPS Lynx is an ideal stand-alone tent for any outdoor adventure.

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