BlackWolf Bushranger Double Swag Review | Generous Space

While compact and lightweight, single swags may be too cramped and confining for some users. So, if you’re looking for an alternative with ample wiggle room, the BlackWolf Bushranger Double Swag should fit your standards. It’s the perfect outdoor shelter for bigger guys who love the extra space or couples travelling together.


BlackWolf is one of the leading makers of camping products, known for their excellent quality. These features are evident in its BlackWolf Bushranger Double Swag. This three-pole dome home showcases a spacious interior goof for up to two people and a large mesh wall for top-notch ventilation.

Aside from ensuring a good night’s sleep, it also has room for keeping your gear and a foot mat to avoid getting dirt or mud into your sleeping area. This swag should suit most conditions, whether you plan to go on an Australian outback adventure or short camping trips all summer!

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Best Features of the BlackWolf Bushranger Double Swag

At a glance, the BlackWolf Bushranger Double Swag easily impresses us with its spacious interior, extra-large mesh and handy vestibule. It may not be the most compact swag around, but its khaki polycotton feels thick enough to protect you from the sun or mild rain. Here are its other noteworthy features that make it a good buy for single camping enthusiasts and couples on an outdoor adventure.

Lightweight construction

Spacious camping swags may be comfortable but tend to weigh a lot. BlackWolf, however, balanced out these two factors in the Bushranger swag by using lightweight yet durable materials. With this smart choice of construction materials, it’s no wonder this sleeping gear only weighs 13kg, despite being a double swag. More importantly, weather resistance and waterproofness were still efficiently incorporated in the final product:

  • Tear-resistant canvas. The BlackWolf Bushranger Double Swag has a ripstop polycotton canvas for its walls and cover. This fabric allows your swag to resist wear and tear. And if it does get cut or punctured, the nylon grid pattern should stop it from spreading. Its 350gsm fabric rating is slightly lower than other similar swags. But the good thing about this is that it can still withstand the elements without the extra weight.
  • Waterproof base. The high 5000mm waterproof rating of its base makes up for its thinner wall fabric. Plus, its 300D Oxford polyester flooring makes the swag easier to roll up.
  • Heavy-duty poles. This part is perhaps the most notable of all. Aside from being colour coded for easy assembly, each pole is flexible despite being made out of 8.5mm thick premium T6 aluminium alloy. It’s an excellent lightweight material with lower chances of snapping. Moreover, this alloy is well-known for its excellent corrosion resistance.

Generous space

With a length of 280cm and width of 185cm, this BlackWolf swag is one of the largest camping swags in the market. It’s spacious enough for two people, and users above 6 feet will have no problem getting inside.

Unlike other more compact options, where the roof almost touches your face when lying down, the Bushranger is high enough for ample overhead space. Its 95cm height allows you to change clothes, read or sit up comfortably. This feature is ideal for users who dislike the claustrophobic feeling they often get when sleeping in swags.

Feature-packed swag

Outdoor enthusiasts who are particular with the extra features they get from camping gears will surely find this BlackWolf swag a worthy investment. Aside from giving the camping swag its unique quality, these special features add convenience and ease of use as well:

  • Storm flaps. The zippers for the cover come with storm flaps to protect them from moisture. With Velcro closures, these flaps are secure, and your swag stays zipped tight, even when it’s windy.
  • Multiple entryways. With its three entry points, you can get in and out of this camping swag with ease, especially when you’re sharing it with another person. The large doorway at the side lets you get in with ease, while the two smaller entrances on both ends come in handy when it’s raining.
  • No-see-um mesh panels. Each entrance has a zippered mesh to allow air in, prevent condensation and keep bugs out. The main entryway has an extra-wide mesh panel that you can leave uncovered to enjoy sleeping with the outdoor view.
  • The camping swag’s three-pole design makes it possible to incorporate a convenient vestibule, which is perfect for keeping your gear or boots out of your sleeping area.
  • Foot mat. To keep your mattress free from dirt, this extension next to the main entryway is ideal for taking your shoes off before getting inside.


Things to Note

Overall, the BlackWolf Bushranger swag is comfortable, spacious and convenient for most travellers. However, due to its large size, there are a few drawbacks for you to consider before buying this swag.


With a packed size of 150cm x 42 cm, this swag will undoubtedly take up space at the back of your vehicle. Make sure that your car is big enough and you have ample room for storage. Also, you may need an extra hand when packing it up.

Takes time to assemble

The swag comes with straightforward instructions for you to assemble it. The poles are also colour coded (red, gold and silver), so you’ll know which sleeve each pole should go. However, with its three-pole design and size, it does require more time to set up compared with other traditional swags.

If it’s any consolation, this swag is freestanding, so you don’t have to stake it down unless necessary. Also, you can move it around with ease once it’s assembled. When you do, make sure to angle it with the head or foot facing the prevailing wind direction to prevent condensation.

Too firm mattress

A 70mm mattress for swags is considered top of the line. However, with Bushranger’s, its mattress is quite firm to be comfortable. It also makes the camping swag harder to roll up. Its khaki or sand-coloured fabric also gets stained quite easily. You may need to replace it with a similar 210cm x 145cm mattress that’s softer and low maintenance.

Pros and Cons

  • Lighter than similar double swags
  • Ripstop polycotton canvas for high wear and tear resistance
  • With a 350gsm fabric rating for a lightweight yet durable quality
  • Has a 300D Oxford polyester flooring with 5000mm waterproofness rating
  • With three thick premium aluminium alloy poles that won’t snap or corrode easily
  • Large zippers have storm flaps with Velcro closures for moisture protection
  • Has three doorways, with smaller doors ideal for wet conditions
  • No-see-um mesh panels for air circulation, insect protection and condensation prevention
  • Small vestibule for keeping gear and shoes
  • Handy floor mat prevents dirt from getting to your sleeping area
  • Produced by a reliable camping gear manufacturer
  • With easy-to-access website for spare parts or product inquiry
  • Can take up vehicular space and be difficult to roll up with just one person
  • May require more time to set up
  • Need to be positioned properly to prevent condensation
  • Too firm mattress is not very comfortable and makes swag harder to pack up
  • Khaki fabric can get stained easily

Final Thoughts

If you often travel alone, the BlackWolf Bushranger maybe a little too spacious and bulky. With a sand-coloured fabric, this swag can get dirty, especially when camping in wet conditions. However, for adventure seekers who travel with a partner or prefer to enjoy the outdoors in summer, the BlackWolf Bushranger is one of the best swags to buy.

On top of being made by a reliable gear manufacturer, it boasts an ideal combination of features, from construction to design. The add-on features also ensure every camping experience is comfortable and convenient. It may have its share of downsides but nothing that will affect its overall performance. And with proper use and care, this swag will surely be your home away from home for several years.

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