Brass Monkey 15L Portable Fridge Freezer Review | Compact

If a long-distance or week-long adventure is not your thing, then having a camping fridge freezer may not be a priority. But if you do enjoy light-packed weekends, day trips and entertaining a few mates with cold drinks sitting at the backseat of your car, the compact 15L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer may be the cooling unit for you.

With a fridge this small, you may be thinking that you’re better off with a cooler. Not really. Thanks to its high-quality compressor, this camping fridge will keep your beer cans chilled and ready when you are.


The Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer is the ideal unit for campers who like all things light and relaxed. With 15L of food and drink capacity, it has enough space for your solo travels and picnic dates for two. Its compact size doesn’t diminish its cooling abilities though. Like any regular or large-sized fridge unit, this camping fridge freezer can cool things down up to -20C.

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Best Features of the Brass Monkey 15L Portable Fridge Freezer

Price is often related to quality, even in camping fridge freezers. The more expensive a fridge is, the better it will perform. However, that is not always the case. Spending on a high-tech fridge doesn’t mean it will fit your needs. The Brass Monkey 15L Portable Fridge Freezer is one good example to prove this point. Here are the rest of its great features that make it a good buy.

Very portable

Weighing only 8.6kg with a size of 60cm x 32cm x 26cm, the Brass Monkey 15L Portable Fridge Freezer fits rights into any vehicle. You’ll have no problem pulling it out or lifting it even when filled. The dual semi-recessed handles on the sides also let you flush it against any corner. With this portable fridge freezer, you won’t have to worry about getting a fridge slide to manoeuvre it around, which is excellent if you’re on a tight budget.


The small size of this Brass Monkey fridge has several benefits. For instance, you can take it to almost any short camping trip. Going on a picnic, having dinner by the beach and enjoying a BBQ lunch outdoors are better when travelling with a compact fridge. You don’t even have to limit this unit to camping.

It also comes in handy when you need to keep meats cold from a grocery run. If you’re operating a frozen meal business, this fridge is perfect for safe food delivery, too. Even movie nights at home are better with this portable fridge right next to you and cold soda cans or ice cream within easy reach.

Excellent cooling power

blankAnother great thing about this Brass Monkey fridge being compact is temperature accuracy. If you own large camping fridge freezers, you know that you have to set the thermostat on a lower temperature to get the inside evenly cold. But doing this with the Brass Monkey will likely get your food or drinks frozen.

With little air space available in its small compartment, the fridge cools down faster and keeps the temperature accurate. It also helps that the cooling plates of this fridge go all the way around, unlike most low-cost units that have cooling plates just close to the compressor. This construction ensures that the entire fridge gets cold quickly without having to set the temperature lower than necessary.

The Brass Monkey unit also comes with a branded LG compressor, which significantly contributes to its exceptional cooling power. Aside from ensuring reliable temperature control and minimal energy consumption, it’s also a low-noise compressor. High-density foam insulation works with this powerful compressor, allowing the unit to run at -20C just like large-sized fridge freezers.

Quality at low cost

Most compact fridge freezers are almost double the price of this Brass Monkey fridge unit. So, if you’re a camper looking for quality fridges at lower costs, this 15L fridge offers a balanced price-to-quality ratio.

Optional accessories available

blankIf you want to upgrade your Brass Monkey fridge, the manufacturer has a few handy accessories available. One of which is a thermal cover. I know some fridge units have this included in the package, but with Brass Monkey, you’ll have to purchase it separately. It’s not a big deal though considering the fridge unit’s price.

It’s a useful accessory to protect your unit from external damage and add insulation power. Controls, handles and vents are easily accessible with this cover on, and it comes with tie-down points for mounting and two large side pockets for storing small items.

Also, if you have plans on going to overnight trips or adventures with a few friends, this Brass Monkey unit matches with an optional expansion lid. This accessory adds an extra 5L to your portable fridge and lets you store wine bottles upright.

Things to Note

While the Brass Monkey 15L Portable Fridge Freezer packs a punch for such a compact unit, it’s affordable cost, as expected, has to sacrifice a few features that some users may need. Make sure to consider these downsides when buying this portable fridge.

No 240V adaptor included

It’s quite unusual that this product does not come with a 240V cable. Although it is not difficult to purchase one from a third-party supplier, it is an essential accessory that will add up to your total expense.

Lacks special features

You wouldn’t expect a USB port or Wi-Fi connectivity in a budget camping fridge freezer. This Brass Monkey unit doesn’t even have an interior light in it. So, if you’re looking for unique or high-end features for added convenience, you might want to consider another fridge option. On the other hand, if you want a functional fridge minus the bells and whistles, the Brass Monkey fridge won’t disappoint.

Not for multi-day camping

This Brass Monkey fridge is not something you’ll bring to a site with minimal access to food and drinks. Its limited capacity is not enough for storing a lot of supplies for long days off the grid.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and compact to fit tight spaces or any vehicle
  • Dual semi-recessed handles for easy handling and space saving
  • Includes DC cable to connect to your car lighter port
  • Multipurpose and can be used for non-camping activities
  • Small size makes it easier to cool down your unit
  • Powerful LG compressor ensure energy efficiency, low noise and good temperature control
  • Can work up to -20C like any large-sized fridge freezer
  • Very affordable for campers on a tight budget
  • Ideal for day trips, light travels and picnics
  • Can be upgraded with other Brass Monkey accessories
  • Equipped with ECO mode and three-level battery protection
  • Need to buy 240V adaptor separately
  • Lacks special features like a USB port and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No interior light
  • Not big enough for travelling with a large group or on multi-day trips


Final Thoughts

Compared with cheaper coolers, the Brass Monkey 15L Portable Fridge Freezer is a better option when it comes to cooling power, versatility and overall product quality. Honestly, I’m willing to spend on a portable fridge unit than deal with the melted ice and sloshy mess of a cooler.

Brass Monkey may lack the unique features and large size for your long-distance travels, but it’s still a good unit. You can use it on its own or as a backup. Either way, it’s not a waste of good money, and it’s the best thing that happened to your beer or movie nights.

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