CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop Review | Flexible Fuel Option

Some campers take outdoors cooking rather seriously. And if cooking is the highlight of your ventures into the wild, a high-quality portable camping stove is a must-have. It will be perfect if you can find a unit that you can use anywhere and pair with specially made cookware.

In that case, the versatile CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop may be the stove you need. It may only have one burner, but this cooking unit works with either butane or propane, so you can boil, simmer or fry on normal or extreme conditions. Made by a brand dedicated to creating convenient outdoor cookware, this multi-fuel stove is your secret ingredient to your favourite camping recipes!


Seth McGinn’s CanCooker is the maker of the innovative pot with latch for slow-cooking outdoors in less time. One of its addition to its growing product range is the CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop. This compact 38cm x 33cm x 10cm unit only weighs a little more than 2kg, which makes it easy to pack and carry to your tailgating, hunting, fishing or camping trip.

Aside from the usual flame control and matchless ignition, this camping stove can start cooking with either propane and butane loaded to its fuel compartment. This multi-fuel option gives you flexibility on fuel cost and cooking power. And who wouldn’t want to try making a delicious stew with this versatile stove and a matching CanCooker pot?

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Best Features of the CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop

Camping stoves that provide their users with more cooking options are ideal, especially for campers who love to cook outdoors and those who want to make the most of their investment. The CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop is such a product and perhaps also one of the reasons why customers are raving about it. But is it the camping stove for you? These features may help you decide.

Versatile and convenient

One of the perks of having a camping stove on hand is being able to cook food no matter the condition or location. The CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop’s design and features make it more than your traditional stove for camping:

  • Small and light. Sudden power outage? No available gas service around? You never know when an emergency will happen. So, the only way around it is to prepare ahead. The CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop is an excellent survival kit addition that you can keep at home, pack in the car or boat, bring outdoors or set up in the backyard. What better way to handle emergencies than to stay calm and cook something delicious?
  • Multi-fuel. If you like interstate or overseas travelling, you know that some fuel types are not readily available in some locations. Camping at areas in extreme conditions may render some stoves unusable, too. However, the multi-fuel feature of the CanCooker stove makes you a more adaptable camper! You can bring your camp stove in the woods with an energy-efficient 227g butane canister, or use it with 453g propane cans to cook at freezing temperatures. Also, you get to use whichever fuel type is more economical in your region.

Comprehensive instruction manual

The CanCooker stove is ready to use straight out of the box. You won’t have to deal with any complicated assembly or worry about small parts. However, some users may not be too keen on the idea of switching between fuel types and the multiple steps needed to do it. First-time users will be glad to know that the CanCooker stove comes with a straightforward and easy-to-follow manual. Safety precautions are also clear and easy to understand.

The butane canister fits right into the fuel compartment, kept secure with a fuel lock lever. The propane canister needs the hose and regulator included to fit into your stove. You’ll need both hands to install it properly, but the process is still quick and easy. There’s even a leak test included in the manual that you can do after installing either fuel type.

High quality

This U.S. made stove and its components use high-quality construction materials to withstand both constant cooking heat and changing weather conditions. Light-gauge stamped steel and aluminium make up the body and burners, which also contribute to the stovetop’s portable weight. The enamel-coated drip pan with cooking grate is also rust-resistant and removable for easy, thorough cleaning.

Automated ignition and adjustable flame

The lack of a piezo igniter in a camping stove means remembering to pack some matches or a BBQ igniter and getting your hand dangerously near the burner. Good thing this CanCooker comes with a built-in electronic ignition system, so there won’t be a mad scrambling episode for a lighter at camp.

Cranking the fire up or turning the stove off is also very easy, thanks to its adjustable flame knob. A slight turn of the dial is all you need to set your heat on low, medium or high. There will be no more burnt lunch for you and your mates with this stove!

Very portable

The CanCooker stove is about 38cm x 33cm x 10cm, which is more compact than other camping stoves. You’ll have no trouble placing it under the seat of your boat, at the back of a kayak or in a standard gear hatch.

It only weighs 2.3kg so you can easily carry it with just one finger using the storage case included. Its small footprint and portable weight make the stove easy to bring and set up for almost any cookout plan, be it for camping, fishing or even backyard grilling.

Several accessory options

blankCanCooker is more known for its revolutionary cookware with clamped lids for steam and slow cooking, which is an excellent complement for this multi-fuel stove. Aside from cookware, CanCooker has a varied product range for outdoor cooking accessories, from racks to strainers to cutting boards to seasonings to cookbooks.

If you’re an avid cook and a fan of one-stop shops, then the CanCooker stove will meet your standards. I especially like the idea of purchasing my cooking gear to a reliable brand centred on making outdoor cooking fun and convenient.

Good value

I would say that the CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop is a mid-level camping stove. It’s not exactly inexpensive. However, its versatility makes it worth the price, especially when compared with other single-burner or wood-burning stoves.

This portable stove lets you camp anywhere with its multi-fuel feature and cook anything with its optional cooking accessories. Its automated ignition, adjustable flame knob and high-quality construction also many years of stress-free cooking. For user who camps and cooks a lot, this stove is worth the investment.

Things to Note

While multipurpose and exceptional, the CanCooker also has its share of drawbacks. Take note of these potential issues when weighing in your camping stove options.

Substandard carry case

The CanCooker stove comes with a plastic carry case for easy transport. Although it adds convenience, the plastic case is not very well-made. It creates these gaps when closed up, leaving your stove exposed to moisture or dirt. You may want to place the camping stove in another cloth bag for extra protection and long-term storage. With constant use, the flimsy carry case may crack or chip and not last long anyway, so you might as well find a better bag for this stove.

No windshield

With no built-in wind guard, cooking with this stove in windy conditions can be problematic. Strong winds can extinguish the flame or make your cooking time longer. You can always purchase a separated windscreen to go with your CanCooker stove, and considering that it is lightweight, carrying extra gear for blocking off wind won’t be much of an issue. However, some users may also opt to choose camping stoves with a windshield included plus similar cooking features.

Limited cooking space

Although it can accommodate pans and pots of varying sizes, this stovetop only has one burner. Saving time by cooking two different things at once is hard to achieve with this stove. But using cookware large enough for your one-pot meals is one way to reduce cooking time.

Pros and Cons

  • Has a multi-fuel feature to work with either butane or propane
  • With variable cooking power (8000 BTUs for butane and 10,000 BTUs for propane) to match any camp condition or budget
  • Includes a very comprehensive instruction manual for safe use and fuel installation
  • Made of durable, rust-resistant steel, aluminium burners and enamel-coated drip pan
  • With an adjustable flame knob for precise heating
  • Easy to set up, use and clean
  • Makes an excellent survival kit addition
  • Lightweight with small footprint
  • Electric ignition system for ease of use
  • Works with optional cookware accessories
  • High quality and durable
  • Ideal for car and backyard camping picnicking, hunting and tailgating
  • Offers good value
  • Flimsy plastic case offers little stove protection
  • Lacks windshield
  • Not suitable for cooking different meals at the same time


Final Thoughts

The CanCooker Multi-Fuel Cooktop surely needs improvements in certain aspects. Its carry case, for one, should have been made with a sturdier material for better and long-lasting stove protection. The lack of a windshield or enough cooking space for cooking multiple meals may also pose problems to some users.

For me personally, I find this camping stove a reliable all-rounder. It may not cook several things at once, but you can still use it for cooking one-pot wonders in a larger pot. With its multi-fuel and portability feature, the CanCooker stove is your go-to unit for handling any camp condition or emergency.

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