Coleman Even-Temp Propane Stove Review | For Big Groups

Do you often travel in big groups? Is cooking camping meals the highlight of your trip? I agree 100% that any food is better when cooked and eaten outdoors. But, if you’re cooking meals to share, then you need a dependable partner like the Coleman Even-Temp Propane Stove.

It is not the most lightweight camping stove around, but it’s foolproof when it comes to cooking different meals at the same time with minimal fuel. This three-burner essential not only lets you cook like a pro but also keeps you and your mates safe every camping adventure.


Coleman is a trusted name when it comes to camping gear, including portable stoves. The Coleman Even-Temp is among its popular choices, especially for campers who often travel in big groups. This heavy-duty stove requires propane to light up its three burners. It’s quite hefty at 8.6kg, but its large 66cm x 48cm x 15cm size means lots of room for cooking different meals at the same time.

If you’re the head chef of your camping troop, you’ll love its built-in windshields plus the flame control knobs for precise heating. On top of its heat efficiency, the Coleman Even-Temp has features to ensure every cooking experience is safe. What’s more, is that you get all these at a reasonable price point.

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Best Features of the Solo Stove Campfire

The size and weight alone of this camping stove alone will tell you that you’re in for some great outdoor cooking. The Coleman Even-Temp may not fit in your ultralight travel plans. But for large families and groups of friends who love eating outdoors, be it at the backyard or out in the wild, this propane stove has the technology for cooking convenience and impressive results.

Cooks for a Crowd

blankCompact stoves often mean small pots for cooking. Too small pots, however, make it harder to cook delicious one-pot meals enough for a big group to share. Even heating your water for the coffee can take time. The Coleman Even-Temp helps you solve all these problems with its three burners. It has more than enough cooking space to fit three 20cm pans or two 30cm pots.

This camp stove lets you cook things at the same time to make a complete meal, which is a great time and fuel saver. It also means that you serve everything hot – no more waiting for the pancakes to cook while your crisp bacon gets cold. With room for different pan sizes, you can easily adjust the amount of food to cook and match your favourite recipes with the proper pot.

Made for Efficient Cooking

Now, it’s not good enough that you can make a meal for everybody, right? The food needs to be perfectly cooked, too. Good thing the Coleman Even-Temp comes equipped with the technology and design that ensure cooking heat efficiency:

      • blankAdjustable burners. Burnt food is a common issue with camp cooking, especially with wood-burning stoves. Coleman helps prevent this with its racetrack Even-Temp burners paired with two independently adjustable dials. These features ensure even heating, eliminate hot spots and allow you to adjust the heat intensity. This way, you can apply medium heat on one side when frying and set the other on low heat for simmering soup without accidentally burning either meal.
      • Cooking power. A stovetop’s BTU (British thermal unit) is an indicator of its heat power and how fast it can cook your food. With an impressive 28,000 total BTUs, the Coleman Even-Temp can provide sufficient power no matter the meal you’re cooking.


  • Consistent pressure. Propane stoves are ideal if you plan to cook under extreme conditions or in high altitudes. Coleman Even-Temp efficiently handles these situations with its PerfectFlow and PerfectHeat technologies. With these exclusive features, the stove can work with the same steady heat no matter the weather or location and even when your fuel is running low.
      • Built-in side panels. If you’ve ever camped on a windy day, you know how difficult it is to control the fire and keep your food cooking. The three-sided panels of the Coleman Even-Temp come in handy during these times. These windshields can block off the wind so your stove can do its work. What’s more, is that these screens are adjustable. Fold them halfway to fit in your large cookware or keep them down to have two side tables for holding cooking utensils.

With Safety Features

Cooking safety is also one of the highlights of this exceptional stove. Its non-slip feet, for instance, keeps your stove stable when cooking on most types of surfaces. These feet also let you stir the pot without accidentally holding a hot stove surface to keep it steady. No more unwanted and dangerous spills either.

First-time cooks would surely appreciate how easy it is to start a fire with this camping stove. Thanks to its Instastart ignition, a press of a button is all you need to pass an electric spark to light up the burner. Turning on the stove only takes a few seconds. And with no need for matches or BBQ igniters, you won’t have to get your hand near the burner to light it.


As you would be using this stove for outdoor cooking, Coleman sees to it that its construction can stand up to all sorts of elements. The aluminised steel of this cooktop is very durable as well as rust-resistant, so camping on wet conditions won’t be a concern. The stainless-steel burners also have the same level of durability and corrosion resistance. For lasting quality, it also helps that the chrome-plated grate is removable for thorough cleaning after use.

Fuel Connection Flexibility

The Coleman Even-Temp has two options to connect your fuel supply. You can either buy the standard 453g (16oz) propane bottles or purchase a hose with adaptor for a tank. This feature adds flexibility to your stove and lets you match your fuel budget with your cooking needs.

Ready to Use

Setting up this stove is as easy connecting it to your fuel supply, attaching the windshields and putting on the grate. It’s pretty much ready for cooking straight out of the box, which is perfect for first-timers (and impatient cooks!). After cooking, all you need is to give the stove a quick wipe, fold it down and it’s good to go.

With Optional Griddle

Sometimes bringing in lots of pot and pans for outdoor cooking is not ideal. They add bulk and weight, not to mention make clean-up very time-consuming. So, if you want to impress everyone with a hearty meal without all that extra weight and cleaning time, you can purchase an optional griddle for your Even-Temp stove. I like how it fits right on top of the burner and works as one long pan for your pancakes and bacon or grilled lunch. With everything cooked in one aluminium griddle, clean-up is quick and easy. Plus, it comes with a grease cup for catching excess oil and even stores conveniently inside your folded down stove.

Great Value

With its impressive design, quality construction and well-known branding, hikers would typically expect that this stove comes with a steep price. However, the Coleman Even-Temp is relatively more affordable than its counterparts.


Things to Note

The Coleman Even-Temp is exceptional in several aspects. However, this stove’s specifications may not meet the camping needs of some users.

Bulky and Heavy

With more than 8kg of weight, this camping stove is not ideal for ultralight travelling or long-distance hikes. Its large size is also too big to fit in any backpack. So, you may want to purchase a spare camping stove fit for backpacking or canoe camping. However, if you do lots of car or backyard camping with family and friends, this stove is perfect.

Added Cost for Fuel

Propane fuel is not that expensive, and you can even opt for a more cost-efficient propane tank if you often cook outdoors. Still, some users may prefer using free and more eco-friendly biomass for their camping stove. Wood-burning stoves are also simpler and safer to pack for interstate or overseas hikes.

Too Big for Small Groups

You’ll surely enjoy the convenience of having the Coleman Even-Temp if you frequently camp out in big groups. But, if you like to travel alone or with only two to three people, this large stove may not be the smartest choice.

Pros and Cons

      • Features three burners that can hold up to three 20cm pans or two 30cm pots
      • Allows you to cook multiple meals to save time and fuel
      • Has three side panels to block the wind and avoid heat loss
      • Made of durable, rust-resistant aluminised steel, stainless-steel burners and chrome-plated grate
      • With racetrack burner design to eliminate hot spots and with two independent dials for adjusting heat
      • Easy to set up, use and store
      • Has two options for connecting your fuel supply
      • With impressive 28,000 total BTUs
      • PerfectFlow and PerfectHeat technologies enable cooking with low fuel and at any weather condition or location
      • Push-button ignition and non-skid feet for safety
      • Matches with an optional griddle
      • High quality and reasonably priced
      • Ideal for car and backyard camping with a large group
      • Too heavy and bulky for ultralight travelling, long-distance hiking and backpacking
      • Propane fuel supply adds cost and requires proper disposal
      • Not ideal for camping alone or in small groups


Final Thoughts

Like any camping gear, not all stoves will suit every type of camper. Backpackers who move around a lot and go on long treks will have neither space nor strength to carry an 8kg Coleman Even-Temp. However, campers (and camp chefs) who travel in big groups will appreciate the durability and performance of this stove, despite its heft. Also, this camping stove’s 3-year warranty and reasonable price far outweigh its minimal drawbacks.

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