Coleman Fold N Go Stove Review | Easy Transport

If your idea of a great outdoor adventure is something fun and easy minus the bulky gear, then the last thing you want to pack is a camping stove. However, you might be surprised that there are functional camping stoves in the market made for stylish travelling.

The Coleman Fold N Go Stove is not just a striking unit in red. It comes in a smart clamshell design and built-in handle for easy transport. This two-burner propane stove also has unique technologies for heat efficiency and control. Best of all, it’s not too heavy for you, and it can surely cook meals for more than two!


Coleman is known not just for its one-of-a-kind product features for camping gear. The manufacturer has also impressed one too many users for its ingenious design. The Coleman Fold N Go Stove is one good example. Its folding mechanism and built-in carry handle aim to make the stove easy to transport.

It packs into a 35cm x 31cm x 13cm unit and weighs a little more than 3kg, making it the ideal gear for most outdoor travel. While stylish and portable, the stove doesn’t fall short when it comes to its chief purpose: cooking efficiency. From its dual control knobs, matchless ignition and cooking power, this camp stove surely has a lot more to offer than its appealing exterior.

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Best Features of the Coleman Fold N Go Stove

Who wouldn’t want to carry a bag that doubles as a cooking stove? Whether you’re tailgating, camping or going on a family picnic, the Coleman Fold N Go Stove fits right into every outdoor plan. With its exclusive technologies, this portable stove ensures easy and tasty outdoor cooking for travelling mates or families to enjoy. Here are the rest of its excellent features.

Cooking Efficiency

blankOne of the essential things to consider when buying a camping stove is how well it can cook your food. It might not turn you into a chef overnight, but it should at least have the necessary features to make cooking easy even when outdoors. Here are the attributes that make the Coleman Fold N Go Stove dependable for outdoor cooking:

  • Consistent heat and pressure. Most hikers who travel to different camping sites prefer propane stoves as these can withstand even extreme conditions. The Coleman Fold N Go Stove works its magic with its exclusive PerfectFlow and PerfectHeat technologies. Thanks to these unique features, the stove is capable of supplying stable heat no matter the weather or location and even when your fuel is running low.
  • Cooking power. A stovetop’s BTU (British thermal unit) is an indicator of its heat power and how fast it can cook your food. Each burner of the Coleman Fold N Go Stove has 10,000 BTUs to deliver sufficient cooking power no matter what meal you plan to cook.
  • Efficient fuel use. This stove requires one 453g propane cylinder to operate its two burners, which can last for more than 1 hour of cooking.
  • Ample cooking space and adjustable burners. The two burners of the Coleman Fold N Go Stove can each hold a 25cm pot or pan, making it easier to plan meals for two or more. You can save time by cooking your food simultaneously. And with its two independently adjustable dials, you can fry food or reheat your soup at the same time without problems. The adjustable burners also help you avoid burning your delicious meal.

Stable and Portable

What makes the Coleman Fold N Go different from other two-burner stoves is that it’s more portable. With its clamshell design, you can unlatch and unfold the unit to reveal two burners. It opens up fully and has four feet on each corner, so you can safely cook on any flat surface.

After use, join both ends together then use the built-in handle for easy transport. You don’t even have to purchase a separate carry case for it, and if you’re travelling with a vehicle, it packs down to a compact 35cm x 31cm x 13cm unit to fit any space.

Easy to Set Up and Clean

blankCooking is not everyone’s favourite activity. And when you’re outdoors, the last thing you’d want is to work with a complicated stove to cook the simplest of meals. Good thing the Coleman Fold N Go is easy to use. To set it up, all you have to do is unlatch the closure, stretch the sides to open, flip the cooking grate over then fit the thread with a propane cylinder.

The adaptor is completely exposed, so you’ll have no trouble connecting your fuel supply. After use, make sure that the cooking grate has cooled down. Flip it upside down then join the burners together to turn the stove into a carry case.

Lighting this stove to start cooking is also safe, quick and easy. With its built-in Instastart ignition, you can start a fire with just a press of a button. This ignition button generates an electric spark to light up the burners. There’s no need to bring matches or an igniter or place your hand near the stove burners to light them up. Clean-up is also a snap with this stove. There are no small parts to remove and clean. All you need is to take the grates off, give them a quick wash, wipe the stovetop surface and it’s good to go.

High Quality and Heavy Duty

When it comes to durable construction, this Coleman stove is just as top-notch. The cooktop has an aluminised steel cooking surface for strength and corrosion resistance. The chrome-plated cooking grates are also removable for thorough washing. It’s also worth noting that this camping stove is very easy to clean to make it last longer.

With Optional Carry Bag

The Coleman Fold N Go can already turn itself into a carry case. However, for extra convenience, users can also complement this camping stove with a separate padded and zippered bag. This accessory has nylon material to protect your unit, which is useful for long-term storage. The interior also has a divider for packing cooking utensils together with your stove. And at both sides are two drawstring pouches for storing your propane cylinders. More details about the optional carry bag can be viewed from here.

blankThings to Note

The Coleman Fold N Go is indeed functional and attractive. It also has the necessary feature to make transport and cooking easy. It’s not free from issues, however. Here are a few of its downsides you need to know.

Lacks windshield

To give way to this stove’s folding mechanism, it would have to sacrifice one essential feature: the windshield. Without it, cooking outdoors with this stove on a windy day, even with the burners set on high, will be a problem. The camp stove is reliable on a windless camping site, which is not always the case. Users will have to place the unit somewhere to block off the wind, bring a separate windscreen or choose a stove with a built-in windshield instead.

Recessed Burners

The cooking grates of the Fold N Go are slightly higher than traditional stoves. This feature is probably an attempt to keep the flame protected from the wind. However, it also makes the heat source too distant from the bottom of your pan, which means more energy needs and longer cooking time.

Slightly Flimsy Latch

Although the folding mechanism makes this stove very portable, it does need some figuring out. For instance, you need to align the two burners to close the latch properly. The lock is also flimsy, so you need to be careful every time you fold and unfold the unit. The fuel adaptor also nests inside the burners. However, this requires some manoeuvring before you can successfully close the latch. It might be less tedious over time, but it does affect the convenience this model is supposed to have.

Quite Pricey

The Coleman Fold N Go is not as expensive as other high-end camping stoves. However, it does have performance problems and lacks essential aspects that you probably won’t experience in similar, more affordable options. The folding and compact design may be great for some users, but if transport is not a problem, a regular two-burner camping stove with the windshield might be a more suitable choice for you.

Pros and Cons

  • Features a foldable design and built-in carry handle for easy transport
  • Has two burners that can hold 25cm pots or pans
  • Allows you to cook multiple meals to save time and fuel
  • Made of durable, rust-resistant aluminised steel, stainless-steel burners and chrome-plated grate
  • With two independent dials for adjusting heat
  • Easy to set up, use and clean
  • Has a fully exposed adaptor to easily connect your propane fuel can
  • Can last for more than 1 hour of cooking
  • With 20,000 total BTUs for fast cooking
  • PerfectFlow and PerfectHeat technologies enable cooking with low fuel and at any weather condition or location
  • Push-button ignition and feet at the base for safety
  • Fits in an optional carry bag
  • High quality and durable
  • Ideal for car and backyard camping picnicking, hunting and tailgating
  • Lacks built-in windshields
  • Deeply recessed burners need more energy and result to longer cooking time
  • Takes time to pack down
  • A bit expensive compared with traditional two-burner camping stoves



Final Thoughts

The Coleman Fold N Go lacks a few features that affect its overall cooking performance. It may not be the best stove to bring for high-altitude hiking or windy areas either. However, this stove shows promise when considering convenience and portability. First-time users will surely appreciate how easy it is to cook with this stove and clean it up after use.

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