Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag | Very Well Insulated

If you enjoy the outdoors more on frigid weather, then you need a sleeping gear made for temperatures below freezing. Winter sleeping bags typically have the extra add-ons to handle harsher conditions, making them generally more expensive. But if a camper prefers a low-cost option that does the job, the Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag is worth considering. But doesn’t low price mean substandard quality? Coleman certainly proved this notion inaccurate with this 0-degree bag.




Coleman is a household name when it comes to everything outdoor. Over the years, it has built a reputable brand for camping gear and recreational equipment, from tents to stoves to boats. And quality didn’t fall short on the Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag. This mummy-shaped bag, with a -18°C (0°F) rating, will keep you snug on cold weather with enough room for moving your lower body. Its all-polyester construction is also resistant to tears and moisture. It weighs 2.8kg and is a rather bulky bag with a packed size of 43cm x 31cm. While it’s not the most compact option available, users are raving about its exceptional quality-to-price ratio.

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Best Features of the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag

When looking for a sleeping bag made for extreme weather, insulation and construction quality should be at the top of your priority list. This way, you know you’re getting a sleeping bag that can keep you warm and comfortable and won’t give up on you too soon. These are the features that best describe the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag. Coleman even added a bonus by offering it at a very reasonable price point. Plus, like most Coleman products, it comes with all those exclusive materials and design you won’t find anywhere else.

Reasonably priced

This feature had most campers excited and jumping for joy, considering that it’s a winter sleeping bag from a well-known brand. Some users countered that you still need to layer up to stay comfortable in this bag. Others even advised that they are better off buying more expensive options. But average travellers find this sleeping bag more than enough for its affordability and above-standard quality.

High-quality construction


And speaking of quality, the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag used first-grade materials, from its main components to the smallest details, to ensure it can stand up to the elements and last for many years:

  • Lining and cover. The bag is 100% polyester (diamond ripstop cover and polyester lining) to avoid rips and tears. This material also enhances the bag’s resistance to water.
  • Stitching and padding. To add strength to its fabric, Coleman complemented it with an offset quilted stitching style. This feature not only reduces the chances of tearing but also creates padding to reduce air spaces and make the bag warmer.
  • Coleman equipped the bag with its patented ZipPlow system, so you can zip and unzip it without the snagging or jamming. It also has the ZipGlide mechanism that makes the zipper run smoothly at the corners.

Insulated for cold conditions

Together with quality construction, Coleman also ensures that its North Rim bag has incorporated efficient design features to keep your body warm and comfortable even in the middle of winter:

  • Mummy shape. The traditional mummy shape is a common choice for a winter sleeping bag to help reduce access points for cold air. While slightly confining for some, this bag design keeps the bag in contact with your body to retain heat. The North Rim stepped it up a notch with a box-like mummy shape with quilted stitching for better movement and comfort level and less cold spots.
  • Synthetic fill. Down filling is warmer but unfit for cold or wet conditions. So, the North Rim opted for a 60oz Coletherm synthetic fill, covered with a polyester lining, for excellent insulation. This filling type not only keeps you warm but also retains the loftiness of the bag even when compressed. It also has hypoallergenic properties to keep you safe while camping in high-pollen regions. Another great attribute of this bag is the Fiberlock system that keeps the insulation fill in place every time you unroll the bag, keeping you warm and cosy even without fluffing it up.
  • Insulated foot box. To keep your feet protected from cold air, the North Rim has a specially shaped foot box to trap heat but still allow movement with ease. During hotter days, you can also unzip the bottom for ventilation.
  • Semi-sculpted hood. The bag’s hood takes the shape of your head for a comfortable fit and includes a built-in adjustable drawcord to trap the heat. You can always take it off or loosen the drawstring when it’s too warm.
  • Full-length draft tube. Coleman’s Thermolock design feature runs along the entire edge of the bag to block the zipper line and prevent cold air from getting in.
  • Draft curtain. The North Rim bag has baffles sewn in between the shoulder and head sections. Aside from removing spaces for air, it also provides extra padding to cushion your head.

Adaptable size

Aside from its rectangular mummy design and roomy foot box, the North Rim has a size (208cm x 81cm) to fit individuals up to 188cm. Its length suits a wide range of user height and body type while ensuring comfort and ample space for shifting sleep positions.

Easy to clean

One of the common drawbacks of sleeping bags is difficulty in cleaning and drying. Most sleeping bags need to be hand-washed to preserve the filling and fabric liner. And so, it’s a good thing that the North Rim is machine washable on soft cycle. This feature is also ideal if you camp out with the kids. You can throw the bag in the washer should your little one spill something or stepped on it with muddy shoes.



Things to Note

The Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag is an exceptional gear with an extraordinarily low price. However, there are a few downsides that you might want to consider, depending on your planned adventure.


Most customer reviews have expressed their disappointment on this bag’s packed size (43cm x 31cm) and weight (2.8kg). It certainly is not compact and lightweight, which might pose a problem for backpackers, long-distance hikers or avid alpine adventurers. But then again, it all depends on the type of camping you prefer. For instance, base or car campers will enjoy the comforts of this bulky bag and have no trouble transporting it.

Not very compressible

On top of being bulky and heavy, some users may have difficulty putting the sleeping bag back into the stuff sack. Also, unlike other sleeping bags, the North Rim doesn’t have any stash pocket for small valuables either.

Hood and temperature issues

While you can tighten its semi-sculpted hood to keep yourself warm, the toggles of the drawstring are inside rather than outside the hood. Pulling it close to your face may cause the toggle to dig into or rub against your skin. Also, this sleeping bag may not be warm enough during colder nights. It’s best to pack extra clothing for protection to make sure. And if you usually camp out during summer, this bag can be a little too warm on hot and humid weather.

Not spacious for two

The North Rim provides a snug fit to keep the person warm. So, users trying to go for one spacious bag to fit two people and reduce excess weight may not favour this sleeping gear. Also, you may want to note that while it fits up to 188cm, some large-framed users may struggle to fit into this bag. In that case, make sure that you test it out first to know whether you’re getting the right-sized sleeping bag or not.

Pros and Cons

  • Features a rectangular mummy design for optimum warmth and enough space for movement
  • Fits a wide range of body type and user height up to 188cm
  • Includes a semi-sculpted hood with drawstring and full-length Thermolock draft tube to block cold air
  • Has a diamond ripstop cover and polyester lining to avoid ripping or tearing
  • Filled with 60oz Coletherm synthetic fill for warmth, loft retention, hypoallergenic property and better compressibility
  • Fiberlock system keeps the insulation fill in place every time you unroll the bag
  • Specially shaped foot box traps heat without constricting your lower body
  • Baffle on the shoulder and head sections for added padding and warmth
  • With ZipPlow and ZipGlide systems for smooth zipping and anti-snagging
  • Includes a drawstring stuff sack with carry handle
  • Well-insulated for cold camping conditions
  • Machine washable
  • Bulky and heavy, making it hard to bring for long hikes or backpacking
  • Difficult to put back in the stuff sack
  • Does not have any stash pocket
  • Inner drawstring toggle of the hood may hit the face or rub your skin
  • Too cramped for two or large-framed users

Final Thoughts



The size and weight of the Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag make it unfit for seasoned travellers who prefer compact gear that is not too burdensome to carry. However, casual and car campers who occasionally spend time outdoors in cold weather may find this sleeping bag the most versatile gear to buy.  Despite its reasonable cost, the North Rim is no second-rate gear. From its synthetic fill to its anti-snag zipper mechanism, construction and design are both well-thought-out. Coleman even guaranteed its high quality with a limited 5-year warranty. It surely is an exceptional sleeping bag, inside and out.

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