Glacio 45L Portable Camping Fridge Freezer Review | Reasonably Priced

Serious campers are likely to spend top dollar to get a camping fridge freezer with one-of-a-kind features. It can be a large unit that can hold enough food for week-long trips or perhaps one that has Wi-Fi connectivity and a matching app. But when you’re a casual camper that needs a portable fridge with only the essentials, the Glacio 45L Portable Camping Fridge Freezer may be your perfect match. It may not be a high-end brand, but it does have all your cooling needs covered at a very affordable price.


The Glacio Portable Fridge Freezer has a generous 45L capacity that’s ideal for your weekend outdoor adventures, beach trips and even backyard camping. It’s a single-zone fridge freezer with an insulated carry bag that can keep your food and drinks chilled or frozen up to -18C.

Compared with similar units of the same size, this popular fridge choice is more lightweight and compact. Its side handles even make transport easy and convenient. This reasonably priced unit packs a powerful yet quiet compressor and essential attributes that ensure versatile operation, worry-free food storage, reliable insulation and efficient energy use.

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Best Features of the Glacio 45L Portable Fridge Freezer

If you love going on weekend trips with your family or a small group of four people, the Glacio 45L Portable Fridge Freezer is an ideal addition to your camping checklist. The unit comes with 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC cables, so it’s easy to connect with your preferred power source. The best thing is, you get to enjoy this quality fridge freezer and the rest of its features without blowing your budget.

Ease of use

blankOne of the things you need to consider when buying a camping fridge freezer is its ease of use. It has to have features that let you take it to most camping plans without issues. And if you value this factor as much as I do, you’ll surely appreciate these attributes of the Glacio Portable Fridge Freezer:

  • Multiple power supply options. This Glacio fridge can connect with several power sources, including portable generators, 12V/24V vehicular battery ports, caravan park power, standard outlet and solar panels. So, whether you’re on a road trip, car camping or in a site with electricity, your food and drink supply stays chilled or frozen.
  • Anti-shake design. The Glacio is stable and reliable whether you’re on a bumpy road or at sea. This portable fridge will stay working even at short-term inclination up to 30°.
  • Simple set-up. The unit is ready to use straight out of the box, with no parts to assemble or attach. The soft-touch control panel is straightforward, making it effortless to turn the fridge on or set its temperature. The digital display is readable and illuminated as well, so you can operate or check it even in the dark. After setting it up, its compressor and built-in microcomputer will do the rest, while you can focus on getting to your destination.
  • Generous space. With 45L of room, packing up enough food and drinks for weekend trips shouldn’t be a problem. It also has a built-in divider so you can sort out your supplies.
  • Quick freezing. Its freon-free refrigerant, together with its temperature range settings, guarantees that your food stays chilled or frozen on the road. Setting it at -18C can even freeze 10L of water within 2 hours.
  • Easy access. And when it’s time to cook or snack, the steel chain connecting the fridge and lid keeps the top up while getting your food out. Even in the dark, the interior light should keep the content visible and easy to access.

Energy efficient

blankCampers often worry about the energy consumption of their portable fridges. Some units can eat up energy rather quickly and would require constant recharging. Glacio resolves this with its energy-efficient 50W compressor. It only consumes about 1.2kWh per 24 hours, which is similar to the energy consumption of a car’s xenon lamp.

If you are running the portable fridge on DC power, its three-stage battery protection should automatically cut off charging as soon as it reaches the pre-set voltage setting. On top of that, the unit also has overload, auto-low battery and power-reverse connect protection systems to prevent damage to its electronic components.

Silent operation

A powerful compressor typically means a noisy machine. But this is another excellent feature of the Glacio fridge freezer. With a noise level below 45dB, it’s like travelling with a portable fridge that works as loud as a ticking clock. You’ll have no problem keeping it on while the rest of your campers get some shut-eye.

Variable sizes

The 45L Glacio appears to be the preferred fridge capacity among campers. However, if you travel alone or with a bigger group, this model is available in two other sizes. You can even add the 35L or 55L fridge to your arsenal as backup units to match your outdoor plans.

Value for money

Users are particularly raving how affordable this excellent fridge is. It may lack the bells and whistles that other brands have, but with its overall quality and performance, this product offers a deal that’s hard to pass up, especially among campers on a tight budget.


Things to Note

With great features and a reasonable price to boot, it’s hard not to like the Glacio Camping Fridge Freezer. But then again, downsides are expected on low-cost options. Make sure to weigh these in when considering this portable fridge.

Flimsy latch

Despite the Glacio’s robust construction, some users have pointed out that the lid latch appears to be poor quality and has a tendency to break if you’re not careful.

No memory function

The unit’s control panel is easy to use, but it does require some time to go through its options before you can completely set the temperature. It’s not a big deal; however, with no memory function equipped, you’ll have to set up the unit every time. Also, unlike other portable fridges, this model doesn’t have an inner wire basket to protect your food from sticking to the fridge wall.

Lacks optional accessories

Glacio doesn’t have an established brand website for checking out spare parts or optional accessories to upgrade your portable fridge freezer. While you can opt for third-party suppliers, some users prefer one-stop manufacturers for convenience.

Pros and Cons

  • Straightforward control panel with LED digital display
  • Anti-shake design keeps it working even when inclined at 30°
  • Interior LED light for easy access in the dark
  • Ample space with separated storage
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant can freeze 10L of water within 2 hours
  • Includes cables to connect to multiple power sources (car port and standard outlet)
  • With sturdy carry handles and lid support
  • With powerful 50W compressor for smart energy consumption
  • Noise-free compressor works below 45dB
  • Includes a thermal cover with straps for added insulation
  • Has three-level battery monitor and multiple protection systems (overload, auto-low battery and power-reverse connect)
  • Available in 35L and 55L capacities
  • Very affordable
  • Latch on the lid needs quality improvement
  • No memory function and wire basket
  • Lacks optional accessories or spare parts for quick upgrades

Final Thoughts

blankSpecial or unique features of any camping gear have a significant effect on its cost. And for discerning campers on a budget, the Glacio Camping Fridge Freezer is better than any high-end option. This unit may not impress you with Wi-Fi and app connectivity or dual-zone power.

But when it comes to cooling quality, road performance and energy consumption, this Glacio unit is a champ. The best camping fridge freezer is, after all, not based on how many features it has but how well these features fit the camper’s needs.

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