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How to Make the Most of Your Stay in Melbourne at Night

The world may be currently going through lots of uncertainties. But there’s nothing wrong with having travels plans ready. So, how about starting somewhere close to home, like Melbourne? The Victoria capital is perfect for daytime exploration and restaurant hopping. But it is equally exceptional once the sun is down. So, if you are looking for things to do in Melbourne at night, well, you have no time to waste with this list on hand!

Enjoy a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

One of the best things to do at night in Melbourne is to head to Federation Square. Then, hop on a carriage for an hour-long city tour. This way, you get the most of your short stay in the city without sore legs and feet. And you even get horses and a driver in period attire as a guide!

This attraction is a must-try for first-time city visitors who want to see historic buildings, gardens and tree-lined boulevards. Possible signature sights in your chosen tour may also include the Princess Bridge, Queen Victoria Gardens, Walker Fountain, Victorian Arts Centre and the Old Treasury Building.

Get the Best 360° City View

Melbourne is home to many rooftop bars. Some even offer tours, so you get to drink, sightsee and take selfies in one go. Make sure to go in time for sunset. Afterwards, you can go down and bond with mates over great food and drinks.

But if you’re after an obstructed view of Melbourne City, there’s no place to go but the Eureka Skydeck 88. The sight of the tower alone is intimidating. Aside from being 285m above ground level, it’s also 24-carat gold plated. Take the lift once you are inside for a 38-second trip to the observation deck on the 88th floor. Then, spend a few minutes admiring Melbourne at night while sipping champagne.

If you want to take things up a notch, there’s also the Edge or the glass cube jutting out of the tower. Here, you’ll get a stunning 360° view while suspended 300m above the city. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it is 100% worth the nerve-racking experience.

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Board the Giant Observation Wheel

Does the Edge make you a little, well, edgy? Don’t worry. You can enjoy the same 360° view by boarding Australia’s famous Ferris wheel, the Melbourne Star. It is 120m tall and one of the most massive observation wheels in the world.

Patrons can ride one of its 21 cabins during the day. But the 30-minute ride is several times better at sundown. People have been using it as a venue for functions and events or even proposals! But if it’s your first time to see Melbourne at night, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the in-cabin commentary describing the city’s top buildings as they come into view.

Visit the Beach and a Theme Park

Are you looking for free things to do in Melbourne at night? Then St. Kilda Beach should be at the top of your list. It’s only 6km away from the city centre and easily accessible by tram. Come here before sundown, so you get to witness the stunning sunset view. A walk along the shore, penguin sighting or a family-friendly ball game by the beach is a great way to cap the night.

Or walk a few minutes away from the beach to reach Luna Park, the oldest theme park in the country. The trails, play area and badminton courts here are perfect if you’re after activities for kids. The carnival set-up is impressive, too. The entrance is free, but you will have to pay for the rides. Board a few if you want, or get the unlimited ride card to enjoy the carousels, bumper cars and the famous scenic railway!

Go on a Ghost Tour

If you’re into all things spooky, Melbourne City also offers several ghostly tours. With its creepy homesteads, asylums and prisons, ghost fanatics will have trouble choosing which tour to get. But the most popular one would have to be the Old Melbourne Gaol. It’s open during day time, but where’s the fun in that?

The Melbourne Gaol is the oldest jail in the city. It used to house criminals of every sort and even people who were mentally ill or homeless. Some areas and themes here are not kid-friendly, though, so make sure to check first. However, apart from the scary stories and goosebumps, Melbourne Gaol is also an ideal place to learn about the city’s once dark past.

Venture Thrill_Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne at Night

Spend Time at the Night Market

A visit to Melbourne at night is not complete without good food and shopping. So, hit two birds with one stone by visiting Queen Victoria Market. It’s home to several food stalls, from bakery to fresh produce to beer, to satisfy every food lover’s tummy. You can visit specialty shops for souvenirs, clothing and accessories, too. To find the best spots to dine, you can even sign up for a market tour with a local.

Of course, enjoying Melbourne City cannot happen in one night. That only means you need to choose your favourites, then come back for the rest. But what about your morning itinerary? No worries. Australia’s big cities also happen to be the best when it comes to urban hiking!

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