Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Swag Review | Economical

Do you often go solo camping or prefer the privacy of a one-person sleeping gear? If so, the Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Swag may be your perfect outdoor dwelling. It’s a space-efficient and economical choice, too. Complete with a mattress and mesh doors for ample ventilation, this swag promises you a good night’s sleep no matter where you go. And because it’s compact, it’s super easy to pitch on the ground, set up at the back of a pickup or pair with a compatible cot.


Kodiak Canvas is an established name in the camping gear industry. Years of production led to the introduction of its many innovative products paired with exceptional design and construction. One of which is the Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Swag. It may look like any other single swags in the market: zippered mesh doors and mattress in a three-pole canvas shelter.

But what sets it apart is its waterproof fabric that keeps this compact swag breathable and condensation free. And while it’s small in size, big guys will have no trouble using this versatile swag, whether they’re sleeping on the ground or at the bed of their truck.

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Best Features of the Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Swag

Comfort and ease of use are not the only considerations you need when choosing a swag. It also has to be robust and versatile enough to handle most weather conditions. And these features best describe the compact Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Swag. What’s more, is that it has other exceptional attributes made for one rewarding outdoor experience after another.

Compact and versatile home

blankThe Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Swag proves that it doesn’t have to be bulky to be roomy. With a packed size of only 89cm x 30cm, it can easily fit in at the back of any vehicle. Being compact also means it takes no time to set and pack up. When unrolled, the swag is 203cm long and 89cm wide, allowing even people more than 6 feet tall to feel comfortable inside.

The best thing about this swag being small is that I can assemble it practically anywhere. I don’t need much space to set it up, and camping in a crowded site shouldn’t be an issue either. You can even elevate it safely with an optional 215cm x 101cm cot. Better yet, if you’re travelling in a pickup, you can use the back of your truck as your makeshift camping ground.

Excellent waterproofing

Camping in heavy rain is when the Kodiak Canvas swag shines best. Thanks to its 100% Hydra-Shield duck cotton canvas, you’ll stay warm and dry even in a downpour. This premium fabric has two main components: a tight double-fill weave for strength and a silicone dry-finish treatment for waterproofing. Aside from watertight protection, this canvas type provides several other benefits, including:

  • better breathable quality than paraffin or oil-treated swags
  • minimal humidity, condensation and mugginess
  • high mould and mildew resistance
  • less frequent canvas seasoning
  • long-lasting quality and performance

Durable and comfortable

Aside from the Hydra-Shield cotton canvas, the swag also has a 16oz vinyl polyester flooring for enhanced moisture protection and durability. With this puncture-resistant base, dirt is easy to wipe away, and a water leak is the least of your problems. The three sturdy aluminium alloy poles keep the swag stable. For added comfort, its 50mm open-cell polyurethane foam keeps your body away from the cold surface. Its flannel cover is removable for washing, and you can air out the foam to dry.

Handy features

blankSpecial features add that little extra to any sleep system. Kodiak Canvas ensures that these features do more than make your swag look great in the wilderness. Here are some of them:

  • Zip-open windows. Feel like sleeping under the stars minus the critters? Good thing this swag has a convenient cover that you can unzip to reveal the mesh top. This feature also comes in handy when the weather is a little humid, and you need the extra ventilation. There are also zippered sections at the head and foot ends. In case it’s raining, unzip these areas so you won’t have to deal with condensation problems in the morning.
  • Extra guy lines. Use these accessories to stretch out your swag’s ends and reveal two small awnings. These awnings should keep rainwater away and allow air to pass through the mesh and avoid condensation.
  • Interior storage pockets. Keys, mobile phone and other small items can easily get lost while camping. The two side pockets inside the swag should make them easy to locate and access when needed.
  • Large storm flaps. I like the extra-wide covers that go on top of the zippered sections of this swag. This feature ensures that no drop of water can make its way inside your snug swag.
  • This accessory keeps your dirty shoes off your sleeping area. When it’ raining, this mat can double as a cover for your boots to protect it from getting wet.
  • Strong pole clips. The built-in clips on the swag body make it easy to set up and attach to the poles. The plastic used to make them is high quality and durable, too.

With optional accessories

One of the things I like about the Kodiak Canvas is having access to its several accessories to upgrade your gear. These unique add-ons, in particular, should make your swag and overall camping experience even better:

  • Tension pole. This optional pole is perfect if you want the convenience of a freestanding, single swag. Slip this pole through the grommets at the top of your camping swag then extend it to make your it taut. This way, you can set the camping swag on a cot or in a truck bed. Without the need for pegs or ropes, setting it up should be a cinch, too.
  • Sleeping bag. If you’re camping on a cold night, a sleeping bag inside your swag should add that extra layer of warmth and comfort. Kodiak Canvas’ sleeping bags, specifically, come with an innovative top flap that you pull on top of your head like a shirt. This design lets you sleep in any position without the draft.



Things to Note

The Kodiak Canvas swag is great and all, but like any sleeping gear, this one isn’t free from drawbacks. Make sure to keep these factors in mind when trimming down your options.

Too heavy for backpacking

Despite being a single swag, the Kodiak Canvas swag weighs around 7.9kg, which is not exactly ideal for hiking or backpacking. Hikers will have a hard time carrying it along with their pack. So, if you prefer long-distance hiking, you may need to look for a more lightweight option.

Not for winter camping

If you like camping in winter, the Kodiak Canvas swag may not hold up. With a three-season rating, its material is not fit for cold conditions. Plus, its top is too soft for heavy snow. However, for hikers who prefer camping on hot weather, this swag should perform like a champ.

Lacks a vestibule

Bringing a lot of bulky gear with this swag may not be smart unless you are car camping. Considering that it’s a compact swag, we expect the lack of space for keeping camping gear.

Pros and Cons

  • Compact yet large enough to suit individuals beyond 6 feet
  • Versatile and easy to pitch on the ground, set up at the back of a pickup or pair with a compatible cot
  • Hydra-Shield duck cotton canvas for excellent waterproofing and breathable quality
  • Has a puncture-resistant 16oz vinyl polyester flooring
  • With three aluminium alloy poles that won’t snap or corrode easily
  • Large zippers have extra-wide storm flaps for moisture protection
  • Soft polyurethane foam has removable flannel cover for washing
  • No-see-um mesh panels for air circulation, insect protection and condensation prevention
  • With two small awnings for better air circulation and doormat for keeping dirty shoes
  • Two interior pockets for storing small items
  • Produced by a reliable camping gear manufacturer
  • With easy-to-access website for accessories
  • Too heavy for backpacking or hiking
  • Not suitable for heavy snow
  • Lacks a vestibule for keeping gear


Final Thoughts

Solo campers looking for a versatile sleep system would surely appreciate the Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Canvas Swag. With its compact size, you can set it up virtually anywhere. Moreover, its heavy-duty construction enables it to stand up against most elements. Even its small details ensure comfort, warmth and convenience every time you sleep outdoors. It may not be the best choice for winter camping or backpacking. However, it does promise reliable performance for people who prefer camping in warm or dry conditions.

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