Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag Review | An Investment

A well-designed swag would typically be expensive. However, discerning users looking for quality swags at reasonable prices may have hope with Kulkyne Kampers. This manufacturer is especially popular among outdoor enthusiasts for offering more affordable gear than larger brands. And while low cost, its products like the Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag don’t fall short when it comes to quality construction and design. Aside from durability, this swag is also quick to assemble, spacious, and 100% comfortable.


Kulkyne Kampers is a favourite among campers for its swags, mainly for their price points. Users appreciate that they can enjoy a quality shelter and a good night’s sleep outdoors without breaking the bank. The Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag, in particular, features top-notch construction materials to withstand all sorts of elements, from rain to pesky bugs.

The high-quality foam mattress, dual awnings and mesh panels all work together to keep you comfy while inside the swag. Space is not a problem either. With its extra length and width, average to large-built men can fit in without issues. One thing I like about this three-pole swag is the clip system, making assembly quick and easy.

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Best Features of the Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag

For discerning campers, the best swag offers an excellent price-to-quality ratio. And the Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag is one good example. More importantly, users can also look forward to a comfortable stay outdoors each time with this robust swag’s other features.

Heavy-duty construction

blankYou would expect that an affordable swag will not be as durable and high quality as its more expensive counterparts. Kulkyne Kampers begs to differ. By using high-quality materials and treatment, Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag promises many years’ worth of happy camping:

  • Waterproof cover. To protect you from a drizzle to a downpour, Kulkyne Kampers uses a 13oz high-density canvas that’s durable and moisture-resistant. The tight-weave fabric is also UV-treated and highly resistant to moulds to keep your swag in tip-top shape despite constant outdoor exposure.
  • Heavy-duty base. A 13.5oz PVC flooring works alongside the swag’s waterproof cover. Its tub-style design keeps moisture out and the mattress dry.
  • Extra-large storm flaps. This swag also features storm flaps to protect the zippers from the rain. Compared with other camping swags, its storm flaps slightly extend to the main mesh panel to ensure that it’s leakproof.
  • Thick poles and pegs. With its heavy-duty alloy poles, this freestanding swag stays stable whether you peg it down or not. The poles are 10mm thick as well, making them snap-resistant and firm against winds. The pegs included in the product are also as thick and high-quality.
  • Dual zippers. The pull tabs on the zippers make the swag easier to zip up whether you’re inside or out.
  • Protective carry bag. The extra-large Oxford bag keeps your swag clean and protected whether it’s in the back of your ute or on the roof rack. It makes the camping swag easy to transport and store after use.


If you’re on a budget but wouldn’t want to settle on a low-quality sleep system, the Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag is an ideal option. You’ll be making the most of your investment with this product’s heavy-duty construction.


blankThe cold ground, pesky insects and condensation are the most common problems you’ll have to deal with outdoors. The excellent design of the Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag, however, ensures you stay protected from any disruption while getting that well-deserved rest:

  • Generous space. Compared with similar king single swags, this Kulkyne Kampers sleep system is 5cm broader, giving you enough room to shift sleeping positions. It’s also 210cm long, so users taller than 6 feet can slip inside with ease and feel comfy.
  • Thick mattress. To further enhance your comfort, the swag also comes with a high-quality 70mm foam mattress. It also has a removable zipped cover for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Midge-proof mesh. One thing that makes the Kulkyne Kampers swag different from others is its extra-fine flyscreens. Most camping swags have the standard insect netting that makes it easy for remarkably small bugs like midges to pass through. With Kulkyne Kampers’ mesh panels, you get the same airflow quality with better insect protection.
  • Canvas awnings. To prevent condensation issues, the awning on each end of the camping swag allows air to pass through the mesh panel. Aside from letting air circulate, these awnings also prevent rainwater from pooling.

Easy to assemble

Like other single swags, Kulkyne Kampers also uses the same three-pole design to keep the ends and top upright. But the design is a little different. Instead of sleeves, it comes with multiple plastic clips to attach the swag body to the poles.

The top centre pole, on the other hand, is secured with Velcro straps. This design shift makes the swag super quick and easy to set up. No more poles getting caught in the sleeves. The manufacturer also had the entrance mat or boot bag sewn into the swag body, so you’ll have fewer things to think about while setting it up. Also, its two binding straps have quick-release buckles that make packing up just as easy.

Optional accessories

I especially like camping gear companies offering its line of upgrades as it prevents you from purchasing incorrect accessories from third-party producers. And with Kulkyne Kampers’ wide range of optional accessories, like poles, mattresses, mattress sheets and bags, upgrading your swag should be easy and convenient.

Kulkyne Kampers is also one of the few manufacturers that offer its own stretchers. The Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag, in particular, can be paired with a specially designed King Single Stretcher to keep it off the ground. This strong steel frame has holes for securing swag poles as well as spring rods for stretching the end flaps.

For the ultimate camp set up, you can even get a matching King Single Swag Fly. This fly sheet will give your swag added protection from the rain or hot summer sun. It also keeps your swag warmer during wintertime.


Things to Note

The Kulkyne Kampers swag has incorporated all the right features to match most users’ camping needs and budget. Still, it has a few downsides worth noting.

Too heavy

Considering the size and thick construction of the Kulkyne Kampers swag, it’s a given that the sleep system will be on the heavy side. At 12kg, solo campers keen on backpacking or hiking may have to consider more compact and lightweight swags. But then again, the weight of the Kulkyne Kampers is attributed to its robustness and comfort level. For adventurers who prefer car camping or 4WDing, the swag’s extra weight may not be an issue.

Lacks a vestibule

This camping swag doesn’t have a built-in vestibule for keeping your bulky gear. However, compared with other similar products, Kulkyne Kampers is more spacious, and some users can store your camping gear inside the swag in case of rain. To add more space to your set up, consider having an optional swag flysheet to go with your camping swag.

Pros and Cons

  • Made of 13oz high-density canvas that’s waterproof, durable and breathable
  • Tub-style 13.5oz PVC flooring keeps the swag interior and mattress dry
  • With extra-large storm flaps for zipper protection and better moisture resistance
  • Thick alloy poles and pegs ensure stability and excellent wind resistance
  • Zippers come with pulls tabs for ease of use
  • Includes a heavy-duty carry bag for transport and storage
  • Wider and longer than most king single swags to accommodate users taller than 6 feet
  • Thick 70mm foam mattress has removable cover for easy cleaning
  • With two large awnings for better air circulation
  • Mesh panels allow good air circulation and are midge-proof to keep even small insects out
  • Three-pole design has easy-clip system for quick set up
  • Swag has sewn-in entrance mat or boot bag
  • With easy-to-access website for accessories like stretcher and fly sheet
  • More affordable than larger brands
  • Too heavy for backpacking or hiking
  • Lacks a vestibule for keeping gear


Final Thoughts

The Kulkyne Kampers King Single Swag is one of the options in the market that caters to most campers’ standards. It’s the best swag if you’re after high quality, great value or convenient upgrades. It may not suit your backpacking or hiking goals, but it will surely be a dream home in the wild while car camping or 4WDing with your mates. Easy to assemble and heavy-duty, campers will surely love the outdoors even more with this swag in toll, rain or shine.

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