NARMAY Snakeskin Dome Tent Review | Fashionably Chic & Budget Friendly

Ultra-lightweight tents are very portable and ideal for those long-distance hikes. They are also usually expensive. The NARMAY Snakeskin 2-Person Backpacking Dome Tent, however, is changing this notion. Not only is this tent super light, but it also comes with a fashionably chic rainfly. So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast on a tight budget but want to hike in style, consider adding this gem to your buy list. You’ll be happy to know that there’s more value to this tent than its amazing weight feature.


The NARMAY Snakeskin 2-Person Backpacking Dome Tent is a double-wall, freestanding, 3-season tent. It belongs to the ultra-lightweight range but without the premium price. It weighs approximately 2kg and includes the canopy or inner tent, rainfly, two tent poles, pegs (10 pieces), guy ropes (4 pieces) and a carry bag.

NARMAY is not a very well-known brand for professional tents. However, it offers an excellent range of play tents for kids. Design is perhaps one of NARMAY’s best selling point. On top of being durable and comfortable, their tents have eye-catching prints made to stand out in the wilderness. And if you’re on the lookout for a beautifully made shelter that delivers, then you may want to check out its snakeskin 2-person tent and give it a second look.

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Best Features of the NARMAY Snakeskin 2-Person Dome Tent

This NARMAY tent is not as compact as compared with similar 2-person tents (44cm x 18cm), but it can still fit inside most backpacks. It provides a more spacious interior for two though when put up. And even without the rainfly, the inner tent with no-see-um mesh is already looking rather chic, with its snakeskin sleeves and bright orange trim. But the real test is how well this beautiful tent stands up to the elements. So, let’s see the rest of its features that make it a good buy.

Lightweight and affordable

When buying a tent, you would have to sacrifice certain factors to meet the specifications you need. For instance, if you’re looking for a lightweight tent, it will most likely be too expensive or too small for its actual capacity. That’s why I find it outstanding for NARMAY to produce a lightweight tent without users having to pay a premium price. About three-fourth of the inner tent walls are made of no-see-um mesh, while the rainfly is 190T polyester taffeta, all of which contributing to the tent’s manageable load.

Windproof and waterproof design

blankA common problem with lightweight tents is their inability to stand up against strong winds or heavy rainstorms. This NARMAY tent, on the other hand, solved this with smart construction and sturdy tent components. For example, rather than use the light yet less durable fibreglass material, the manufacturer opted for stronger aluminium alloy for its easy-click poles and tent pegs. These features ensure that the tent stays stable and taut when staked down to any terrain.

To keep you safe and dry during a rainstorm, the coating on its waterproof rainfly keeps moisture seepage at bay. Its taped seams, to further enhance water resistance, also prevent any leaks. The bathtub floor is also another nice feature. This part keeps the bottom of the tent elevated and dry, and it also protects your inner tent from splashing.

Superior space and ventilation

Unlike other 2-person tents, NARMAY has enough room to share with a hiking partner. It only has one vestibule by the doorway, but it provides plenty of space for your camping gear and shoes. It’s perfect for keeping things in order inside your tent. This way, you do not have to put your camping gear or shoes in your sleeping area. With its spacious 219cm x 152cm floor area, two people can comfortably lay down inside and move around. It also has a relatively high peak height (110cm), so sitting down in the tent is no problem at all.

The extra-wide no-see-um mesh walls of this tent is also worth commending. Aside from keeping the inside fresh and ventilated, these side panels also keep mosquitoes and small insects out. And if you happen to be camping on a rain-free day, why not leave out the rainfly and use your inner tent for stargazing?

Well-thought-out accessories

blankThe NARMAY tent display quality even up to its minor details. For instance, its rainfly has a silver coating underneath the taffeta layer that serves many purposes. On top of adding fabric strength and durability, it also enhances the rainfly’s UV protection properties. This way, users will enjoy camping out even on hot weather. During the rainy season, this same silver coat keeps the inner tent insulated as well, so you’ll stay warm and dry.

The edge of the rainfly also comes with an orange reflective lining, which comes in handy at night. The green guy ropes included in the tent package are also reflective, so you won’t accidentally trip into one. The wind ropes are adjustable as well to keep your rainfly stretched out and reduce flapping. For added security, NARMAY also opted for an all-metal connection system where the inner tent corners have steel rings (rather than straps or buckles) that fit the top groove of each tent peg.

Even its carry bag is unique. Instead of using the usual drawstring pouch, this tent comes with a duffel-like tote, which makes it easier to put the tent away after use.

Unique snakeskin print

The most striking feature of this NARMAY tent is perhaps its snakeskin rainfly. Its eye-catching exterior blends well in the wilderness with its detailed print and bright orange trim. Function wise, it doesn’t add much. However, it does make a low-priced tent look more than its actual value. And in a sea of one or two-tone tents, you’ll surely stand out with this one.

blankThings to Note

NARMAY was able to pack all the necessary features that most hikers look for and expect in an ultra-lightweight tent. However, there are a few factors that are missing with this stylish shelter.

Not very easy to pitch

While most freestanding tents use clips to attach the canopy to the poles, NARMAY uses the traditional sleeve design. Most users find clips easier and less time-consuming to use. The sleeves are not continuous either, so snagging is a likely issue. Though the snakeskin sleeves do add a nice touch to the tent without the rainfly on, other hikers may opt for ones with a simple and straightforward assembly.

Short rainfly and single doorway

Its rainfly doesn’t extend fully to the ground, so you may want to skip using the vestibule on a rainy day or if you’re pitching the tent on a sandy location. A shorter rainfly is typical in a 3-season tent and helps reduce packed weight; however, it also limits your tent and its versatility. The NARMAY snakeskin tent only has one doorway, too. Its relatively wide, but access and movement may be a problem if there’s two of you inside.

Lacks ventilation windows

The lack of ventilation windows on the rainfly may be problematic as well. Users typically prop these top windows open to avoid condensation issues during cold weather. With no windows for proper air circulation, the inside of the tent is likely to be hot and humid, especially during a rainstorm. As a 3-season tent, the NARMAY snakeskin tent is also not an ideal choice if you like winter camping.

Limited upgrades

As I’ve mentioned earlier, NARMAY is not a go-to brand for professional tents. Thus, optional accessories or replacements may not be readily available.

Pros and Cons

  • Ultra-lightweight construction at an affordable price
  • Easy-click and durable aluminium alloy poles and pegs
  • Includes an eye-catching rainfly with snakeskin print and orange trim
  • Has taped seams and bathtub floor to prevent water leaks and seepage
  • Inner tent has metal rings rather than straps to secure the pegs
  • Has adjustable reflective guy ropes to avoid tripping while walking at night
  • With one spacious and accessible vestibule for camping gear and shoes
  • With no-see-um mesh side panels for proper ventilation, insect protection and enjoying outdoor view
  • Spacious for two with enough headroom
  • Stylish with good UV, wind and water protection
  • Uses sleeve system rather than clips for the poles and inner tent
  • Single doorway limits access and movement
  • Rainfly does not extend fully to the ground
  • No ventilation windows and not for winter camping
  • Lacks available accessories for upgrades or replacements

Final Thoughts

blankA good-looking tent with reliable features doesn’t have to be expensive, and this NARMAY snakeskin tent proved to be just that. Although low-cost, its hardware and design are not inferior. It may lack some of the essentials similar 2-person tents have, but the NARMAY tent also boasts a comfortable space, chic rainfly and ultra-light packed weight. Hikers, couples and even small families will surely enjoy bringing this tent for camping, backpacking and even night sky viewing. On top of being durable, stylish and unique, the NARMAY snakeskin tent also has sturdy construction to keep you protected from most weather elements.

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