Naturehike Cloud Up 2-Person Tent Review | Ultra Lightweight

If you’ve been on several hikes, you know how your camping load gets heavier the farther you go. Tent designers and manufacturers have been wowing us with lightweight tents but sadly, with a not-so-impressive price. The Naturehike Cloud Up 2-Person Tent, however, might change your mind. It may be a clone of a high-end tent by a relatively new brand, but this tent has the quality features that would not cost your arm or leg!


The Naturehike Cloud Up 2-Person Tent is a freestanding, double-wall, 4-season tent that’s making quite a noise among outdoor enthusiasts, mainly because of its weight and reasonable price. It’s a 2-person tent but only weighs about 1.9kg. This pack includes the tent body, rainfly, footprint, tent poles, wind ropes (5 pieces), pegs (11 pieces) and bandage.

This Naturehike Cloud Up product is available in other colours and polyester material, but these options are a bit heavier (about 2kg). It’s also from a manufacturer known for making copies of well-known backpacking gear. OK, so we are impressed that it is lightweight and affordable, but the question is, is it of good quality?

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Best Features of the Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent

At first glance, Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent looks lightweight and easy to carry or move around. When folded down, the tent is compact enough to fit in most hiking backpacks. But, of course, a reliable tent should be more than that. Here are its other noteworthy features that make it a good buy for casual and seasoned hikers alike.

Lightweight yet durable

One of the main factors that make this Naturehike tent super light is its 20D nylon canopy and tent fly. Tent fabric usually ranges between 40D and 70D. Higher denier (yarn thickness) means durable but heavy tent fabric. And while Naturehike’s 20D nylon is significantly lower and lighter than the usual range, it is also is coated with silicone for added strength and better moisture resistance (above 4000mm waterproof index). Also, the seams are double-stitched and taped to ensure that water will not seep through.

It’s interlocking 1.5 Y-pole design also makes the tent lighter than the usual 2-pole configuration. The poles are also 7001 aluminium alloy, which is considered the gold standard in hiking tents. With the best structure and material put together, this lightweight tent is strong enough to withstand up to level 6 winds.

Easy to assemble

Naturehike is as easy to set up as it is to carry. Hikers will surely appreciate the fact that this tent only takes 5 to 8 minutes to assemble, thanks to its straightforward, well-made parts. The steps are simple, too. Start by laying down the footprint, set the inner tent, put the Y-pole together, use the clips to attach the inner tent to the pole then peg down the rainfly.

Clipping the inner tent to the poles takes significantly less time and effort compared with pushing poles through mesh sleeves. This attachment style may put pressure on your poles though, depending on the weather. But then again, it’s not wise to use this lightweight tent in harsh conditions anyway, so issue on pressure points won’t be a problem at all.

Good ventilation and weather resistance

Naturehike ensures that hikers stay safe and comfortable while on an adventure with this tent. For instance, its D-shaped door with +B3 breathable mesh allows air to circulate while keeping insects and bugs out. The small window at its rear also enhances ventilation further inside the tent and curbs condensation problems.

The shape of the tent allows it to withstand strong breezes. Just make sure that the tent’s rear is facing the direction of the wind for better resistance. And despite its thinner than usual fabric, the footprint and rainfly keep hikers dry and protected from downpours. It may not cope well with gale-force winds or prolonged rain though. Still, it stands like a champ under most conditions.

Useful add-on features

blankSmall details of the Naturehike Cloud Up tent add convenience to your hiking experience. The hook at the top, for example, makes it easy to hang a lantern or lamp inside. Inside you can use the small side pocket for storing valuables like wallet, phone or keys.

The tent also includes two extra wind ropes to secure the rainfly and keep it from flapping too much on a windy day. And despite its compact size, the tent has a decent-size 60cm vestibule for your camping gear or shoes. This feature is perfect for cooking meals, too, with the cook sitting inside the tent.

Value for money

Naturehike’s affordable price makes it all the more appealing to hikers on a budget or those who are not keen on costly backpacking. Generally, it only cost one-third of more expensive options from well-known brands. And considering that low-cost ultralight tents are rare, it’s no wonder Naturehike Cloud Up is an instant crowd favourite.

Things to Note

But then again, this Naturehike tent may not be every hiker’s cup of tea. Consider these factors to know whether this tent deserves a spot on your buy list.

Too compact

blankOutdoor experts know that a 2-person tent is usually too small for two people. And this is true even for the Naturehike Cloud Up tent. It’s spacious enough for two adults, but they’ll likely have problems fitting in their gear. And if you’re tall, about 6ft, you might have to sleep diagonally in it to make room for your feet and head. It is quite common and expected that lightweight hiking tents have small inner spaces. So, if a comfortable and liveable space is your priority, you might want to upsize.

Design issues

The tent has a wide entryway and a tapered rear. So, your head should go near the door when laying down, which is not ideal if you have a sleeping companion or dislike the claustrophobic feeling. It limits comfortable movement and makes it harder to access the vestibule entrance.

There are not enough side pockets, too, for storing and organising your gear. The tent walls tend to sag and lose its shape as well on windy days, even with the wind ropes attached. If there are two of you inside, it’s likely for the tent walls to hit your head or body. You can adjust the side pegs to stretch the tent, but it may still droop a bit considering its single-pole design.

Flimsy materials

blankNaturehike Cloud Up has everything you’d expect on a lightweight tent, where components are a bit thin and less stable. Even with the footprint or groundsheet laid out, the tent floor may not be thick enough for other hikers. On rainy days with strong winds, water can enter through the mesh. You’ll have to be cautious when choosing your campsite, especially in areas that get flooded easily.

The tent zipper can get stuck a lot, too. One way to go around it and prevent snagging the mesh door is to lubricate the zipper. Also, the pegs included in the package can bend and be out of shape, so be careful. If this happens, you can easily purchase for replacements, or consider upgrading your pegs to stronger stainless-steel ones.

Pros and Cons

  • Light 20D nylon tent fabric with silicone coating, taped seams and good water resistance
  • High-standard aluminium poles and pegs
  • Includes a footprint and rainfly
  • Compact for your backpack and quick to assemble and pack down
  • Inner tent attaches to the pole with clips rather than sleeves for quicker assembly
  • Has extra wind ropes to keep it from wobbling against strong winds
  • Sufficient vestibule space for cooking or storing your shoes and gear
  • With mesh door and rear window for proper ventilation and insect protection
  • Lantern hook and inner side pocket for convenience
  • Replacement parts or accessories available
  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Outstanding price and quality balance
  • Not spacious enough for two people or taller hikers
  • Tapered rear may require you to sleep with your head at the door
  • Tent walls can droop even with wind ropes pegged down
  • Too thin and light for stronger winds or continuous downpour
  • Zipper needs lubrication and pegs can bend quite easily

Final Thoughts

blankThe Naturehike Cloud Up 2-Person Tent may not be the most spacious or best 4-season tent around, especially for frequent or experienced hikers. This ultra-light hiking tent isn’t exactly fit for extreme weather either, but it is suitable for most hikers’ budget and arsenal. It’s a reliable shelter under normal conditions and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer lightweight hiking. It even made room for the small details that add convenience, comfort and safety to your outdoor experience. The quality of the tent components is not without flaws for sure. But with proper care and use, this tent is an excellent investment that promises year after year of fun adventures!

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