Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping Bag | Spacious & Heat-Efficient

Are you a side sleeper? Do you dislike the claustrophobic feeling you get from mummy bags? Then a plush and spacious sleeping gear like the Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping Bag will suit you perfectly. Aside from its generous wiggle room, this bag has all the right features, from the essentials down to its smallest details, for a comfortable night’s sleep out in the wilderness.


The Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping Bag is a 3-season gear with a contoured rectangular shape. It has a packed size of 46cm x 20cm, which is relatively large than its counterparts. However, it does offer more space so you can shift sleeping positions with ease. Also, it’s available in two sizes to suit a wide range of users up to 198cm. With its specialised construction, this versatile bag can keep you warm at varying conditions up to -7°C. The small details are perhaps this sleeping bag’s best-selling points. From the straps at the back to its triple zipper system, the Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Bag makes sleeping outdoors easy and relaxing.

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Best Features of the Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping Bag

It’s a common notion that a sleeping bag needs bulk to be comfortable. At 1.3kg, the Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping is far from being ultralight. However, it does have excellent attributes that make up for its extra weight. Here are the features that make it perfect for a comfortable sleep.

Spacious and heat-efficient shape

People who toss and turn a lot while sleeping find rectangular sleeping bags the best choice. The problem with this type of sleeping bag, however, is its inability to retain heat. It has ample space for movement, but this same space also lets in too much air and makes the bag too cold. Basecamp BcII solved this problem with its semi-rectangular design. This shape provides both the space of a rectangular sleeping bag and the tapered shape of the traditional mummy gear for thermal control. This sleeping bag also has a broad girth, so two small people can fit in.

No. of BurnersUseIdeal Group Size
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Useful straps

blankMost sleeping bags come with sleeves to slide in a sleeping mat underneath. Some don’t have one at all, and if you’re a restless sleeper, you’ll likely wake up lying on the ground and your mat off somewhere. Sea to Summit Basecamp solved this issue with two elasticated straps, made of nylon and lycra, at the back. These straps keep your sleeping mat in place to ensure a comfortable sleep. The strap system also complements the foot box of your sleeping bag and creates a harness of some sort to keep your feet from sliding off the mat.

At its upper section is a stretchable lycra strap for securing a pillow. This feature is smart as some sleeping bags use the inner space to slip in a small pillow, which makes the hood hard to adjust. With Sea to Summit’s head strap, your pillow is always in place, and you can pull the hood string without problems.

Free-flow zipper system

The best attribute of the Sea to Summit Basecamp has to be its free-flow zipper system, featuring two full-length side zippers and one zipper at the bottom. This feature lets you control airflow no matter the condition: unzip the side or foot zipper if it’s too hot, or zip yourself fully and pull the drawcord tight if it’s too cold. You can even leave just the bottom part unzipped if you’re feeling a little warm on your feet.

There’s more to this sophisticated zipper configuration. If you have a travelling partner and sharing a tent, you can zip your compatible Sea to Summit sleeping bags together for a snug sleeping bag for two. This zip coupling works for Sea to Summit’s Explore, Ascent, Trek, Traverse, Altitude, Journey and Venture ranges. And for your summer getaways, you can completely unzip the top shell and use it as a cosy quilt or leave it out for a lighter load.

Well-thought-out details


The Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping Bag doesn’t fall short on its construction either. To ensure comfort and warmth, it uses an exclusive Thermolite synthetic fibre that mimics the lightness and warmth of a down-filled sleeping bag. The fill forms a loop-like pattern, called WaveLoft, to trap pockets of air and make the bag extra warm and fluffy. This insulation system is then enclosed in a water-resistant 30D nylon shell, which keeps the bag comfy even in humid conditions. Also, for improved compressibility, this sleeping bag uses 20D nylon for its lining.

The bag also has draft tubes at the neck, hood and around the zipper sides for heat retention. Quality craftsmanship is also evident in this sleeping gear. Its insulation is sewn into the fabric to prevent your leg from getting tangled in the loose lining. The anti-snag guard protects the thin liner from rips and tears. Lastly, this sleeping bag includes a zippered storage cube, cotton wash bag and an Ultra-Sil 70D compression stuff sack for convenient transport, cleaning and safekeeping.

Optional accessories available

I prefer one-stop-shops when it comes to purchasing camping gear because that way, replacements or upgrades are easily accessible. And Sea to Summit has a wide range of add-ons to choose from and complete your sleep system. This Basecamp BcII bag, for instance, can be paired with foam-filled mats with valve for easy inflation and pressure adjustment. And to make the most of its lycra strap at the back, Sea to Summit also offers specially contoured pillows for maximum head support and comfort.

Quality tested

Every Sea to Summit sleeping bag includes a letter in a black envelope, detailing the quality of its fill and the rigorous testing it went through. It’s an excellent way of reassuring users that all products are well-made and designed with care.



Things to Note

Despite its excellent features, Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping Bag may not be for every camper. Take note of these factors to see whether this sleeping bag is worth adding to your arsenal.

Unfit for extreme conditions

Construction and season rating wise, this Sea to Summit bag is not ideal for winter camping. It’s warm for autumn hikes and very versatile for hot spring or summer weather. However, you may have to layer up on clothes during colder nights. If you’re a mountaineer or alpine hiker, it’s best to look for a 4 or 5 season bag that you can use for almost any condition.

Baffle issues

The baffle around the head and shoulders tend to form a clump when you cinch the drawstring, which works if you lay flat on your back. However, side sleepers may expose their backs to a slight draft. Considering that the sleeping bag has generous space to allow movement, there should be adequate baffle no matter your sleeping position.

Not lightweight

Sea to Summit has its lightweight sleeping bag range, but the Basecamp is not for your ultralight adventures. While this limits its versatility, this sleeping bag is among the best options for your more comfortable outings, including car camping and day trips.

Pros and Cons

  • Features a spacious semi-rectangular shape for comfort, warmth and ease of movement
  • Has broad girth to fit two small people or most individual hiker size
  • With two stretchable back straps for your sleeping mat to keep it in place
  • Strap system forms a harness with the foot box section to anchor your leg on the sleeping mat
  • Lycra head strap holds your pillow and make the hood functional any time
  • Free-flow zipper allows customised ventilation to suit hot or cold conditions
  • With zip coupling system to join compatible Sea to Summit bags together
  • Top shell can be unzipped fully to work as a quilt or left out for a lighter camping load
  • Uses the exclusive Thermolite synthetic fibre to mimic the warmth and loft of down-filled bags
  • Has neck, hood and zip draft tubes for heat retention
  • Insulation is sewn into the fabric liner to avoid tangling
  • Optional accessories available
  • Multipurpose 3-season tent
  • Great for car camping and day trips
  • Not suitable for extreme cold weather
  • Top baffle tends to bunch up, creating space for air when side sleeping
  • Not ultralight for backpacking and long-distance hikes

Final Thoughts


blankIf you love backpacking or going into multi-day adventures, the Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII Sleeping Bag may be a little heavy for a sleeping gear. Also, you may want to consider options with higher season rating if winter camping is your kind of outdoor adventure. However, despite its downsides, Sea to Summit Basecamp BcII has a lot of excellent attributes that suit your car camping and day trip plans.

Aside from its exclusive fill and construction, its semi-rectangular shape provides ample space for sleep comfort without compromising warmth. And with proof of quality, you know you’ll be owning a sleeping bag made for many years of outdoor fun.

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