TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag | Soft & Warm

The secret to a happy and energetic outdoor experience, especially during cold nights, is good sleep. It’s hard to achieve though if you’ve been lugging a warm but heavy sleeping gear or a lightweight yet uncomfortable bag on a long-distance hike. It looks like an all-around gear like the TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag is just what you need. This ergonomic bag offers warmth and comfort without the weight – a reasonable compromise at a very affordable price.


TETON is one of the hikers’ go-to brands when it comes to outdoor equipment and gear. The quality of their work is evident in the TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag. This lightweight gear is a 3-season bag with a packed size of 37cm x 15cm. While compact, this sleeping bag is very spacious as well as longer and wider than its mummy-shaped counterparts. The feel of its material and weight clearly show that this bag emphasised on warmth, comfort and bulk reduction. It’s available on regular and scout sizes in various two-toned colours (green and grey or orange and grey). Backpackers and campers can avail this -7°C synthetic bag at a very reasonable price.

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Best Features of the TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is one of the bulkiest items you need to bring when camping. And it’s also one of the most vital. So, finding a lightweight gear that you can rely on almost any adventure is one way to save on load and money. The TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag precisely has this versatility and quality most outdoor enthusiasts appreciate. The best part is, you get to enjoy its other excellent features without costing an arm or leg.

Soft and warm

blankOne of the notable attributes of the TETON TrailHead is its ability to keep the body warm and comfortable. Here are some of its notable heat-retention features:

  • Soft, breathable liner. The TrailHead uses a double-brushed P5 poly hi-count for its inner fabric. Contrary to the usual synthetic feel and slippery liners of most sleeping bags, TETON opted for a microfleece-like liner that feels more like your blanket or bed sheet at home. This material takes the shape of your body to trap heat and keep you snug. This soft fabric rustles less when you change positions to let you enjoy undisturbed sleep. It’s hypoallergenic, too.
  • No-gap hood. Pulling the drawstring of its three-piece hood prevents the cold air from getting in, keeping your head, neck and shoulders warm.
  • Draft tube and shoulder baffle. The full-length draft tube adjacent to the right full-length zipper blocks the cold air. The shoulder baffle also works with the cinched-up hood to reduce the space between the bag and your body.
  • Vaulted foot box. The foot box is spacious but shaped to minimise dead air space and protect your feet from freezing.
  • Interwoven fill. The TETON TrailHead is filled with a specially made microfibre insulation to keep you warm even on cold nights.

Spacious with reasonable weight


The TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag is well-loved for its exceptional size. For optimum comfort, the regular-sized bag can fit users up to 185cm at 90kg. With a spacious 221cm x 81cm interior and a 56cm bottom, this sleeping bag has large-framed and tall individuals in mind. It also makes this gear very adaptable to varying body shapes and sizes. Most people will have no trouble moving around or shifting to their sides in this bag, despite its mummy shape. The roomy foot box also gives you ample space to lie on your back with your toes up.

However, a spacious sleeping bag also means extra bulk and weight. TETON smartly found a way around this problem with its 7-denier woven PolarLite insulation. Aside from providing comfort and warmth, this synthetic fibre fill is also thinner and lighter. Plus, it’s engineered with acetal resin to withstand cold temperatures and pressure while keeping the bag lightweight. It also makes the bag more compressible. This way, you can comfortably sleep on it under most conditions and fit the bag in your backpack, without leaving you fatigued from carrying all the excess weight.

Well-thought-out features

What makes TETON TrailHead a standout is how its design and construction maximise the essential attributes of a sleeping bag. For instance, rather than have the stash pocket on top of the shell, this bag has a zippered inner pocket. This feature makes it easier to reach for your phone, keys or headlamp without having to unzip the bag.

The anti-snag zipper and taped seams make the bag easy to operate. Also, the inner and outer zippers of the bag let you zip in and out with ease. Near the hood is a Velcro tab that keeps the bag sealed. It’s a nifty feature for the restless sleepers’ peace of mind!

Moisture resistance is yet another strong point of the TETON TrailHead. Its shell, for example, is a 75D 2mm diamond ripstop. It’s not enough to keep you dry in extremely wet conditions, but it can surely withstand typical tent condensation. It’s also sturdy and tear-resistant. To keep it dry and lofty after use, the three sewn-in loops near the foot box makes it easy to air out and hang for storage. A durable stuff sack also comes with the bag. And thanks to its compressible microfibre fill, you can stuff the bag without rolling it up.


Things to Note

When you need a great sleeping bag for your all-around three-season adventures, the TETON TrailHead easily tops the list. However, it also lacks a few features that may not meet your camping needs or preferences. Make sure to consider them as well when making a choice.

Zipper does not unzip fully

Unlike other sleeping bags that you can unzip all the way or zip together with another bag, the TETON TrailHead lack these options. While these do not affect your sleeping comfort and quality, it lessens the sleeping bag’s versatility. You may want to look for another gear if you prefer one that you can use as a blanket or comforter on warmer nights.

Narrow shoulder width

Although the bag is longer than its counterparts, some broad-shouldered users should take note of its slightly narrow width. Make sure that you do a fit test when considering the TrailHead to see if it feels too cramped at the shoulders or if you can turn to your side with ease.

Lacks a large storage bag and other features

While the TETON TrailHead is a budget-friendly bag, some may prefer other options that include essential accessories like a compression or storage bag. There are no back straps on the sleeping bag either to hold your pillow or sleeping mat in place.

Not for very low temperatures

As a 3-season bag, the TrailHead is not something you’ll bring for winter camping. So, if you like camping in extremely cold or wet regions, you might want to consider another option. Also, you may not feel warm enough in this bag at -7°C. But then again, most temperature ratings are different on actual camping conditions. Just make sure to bring enough layers to put on when necessary.

Pros and Cons

  • Features a traditional mummy design for optimum warmth
  • Slightly longer and wider than other bags to accommodate large frames and tall users
  • Includes a no-gap hood and full-length draft tube to block cold air
  • Has a breathable double-brushed P5 poly hi-count inner liner for a softer, warmer feel
  • Filled with 7-denier woven PolarLite microfibre for a lightweight, warmer and more compressible bag
  • With a 75D 2mm diamond ripstop shell to protect against moisture
  • Three sewn-in loops near the foot box allow hanging storage
  • With a vaulted, spacious foot box to minimise dead air space and keep your feet warm
  • With anti-snag zippers and taped seams to prevent rips and tears
  • Includes a 20D drawstring stuff sack and inner stash pocket with zipper
  • Velcro tab keeps the sleeping bag zipped up
  • Versatile 3-season tent ideal for cold nights
  • Lightweight and very affordable with limited lifetime warranty
  • Cannot be turned into a comforter or quilt
  • Might be too cramped for broad-shouldered individuals
  • Does not include a compression bag and large storage bag
  • No straps for securing a sleeping mat or pillow
  • Not suitable for extreme cold or wet weather

Final Thoughts



The TETON TrailHead sleeping bag may not be for your winter adventures or the gear that doubles as a quilt for summer, but it is one of the most adaptable mummy bags you can find even on a budget. It has the right features, from its soft liner to the draft tube to the no-gap hood, that will keep you warm under most weather conditions. This sleeping bag has more space, making it suitable for tall or large-framed individuals. With lots of room for your legs, thanks to its vaulted foot box, even side sleepers will enjoy a good night’s sleep. All these excellent attributes are in a compact, lightweight bag for backpackers and hikers to carry, wherever their adventurous feet take them.

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