Texsport Rainier Compact Stove Review | Wind Protected

What makes an excellent camping stove? I have to say that it should be a burner that’s reliable in most conditions, whether you’re camping with a mid-sized group or hiking to high altitudes. It doesn’t need to have those exclusive or unique features that other stoves have, but it should be budget-friendly.

If this sounds like your ideal camping gear, then read on to learn more about the Texsport Rainier Compact Stove. This durable burner has all the essentials you need to whip up delicious meals while enjoying the great outdoors.


Texsport is a go-to brand for all your camping needs, making it an excellent one-stop-shop for beginners and experienced travellers alike. Aside from their wide range of products, items are offered at reasonable prices to meet most people’s budget. Its Texsport Rainier Compact Stove, for instance, is relatively more affordable than other two-burner propane stoves in the market.

It doesn’t fall short on quality either. Its built-in windshield and adjustable flame knobs make it easy to cook with precision for a small group. At 4kg and 51cm x 33cm x 13cm size, this stove may not be ideal for your light travel plans, but it surely fits most outdoor adventures.

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Best Features of the Texsport Rainier Compact Stove

Casual and seasoned hikers will love having the Texsport Rainier Compact Stove in their arsenal. Aside from its ideal size, its lighter weight makes it easy to bring anywhere. The two adjustable burners are also perfect for cooking a complete meal for a small group or the entire family.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Backpacking stoves may be lightweight but usually has one burner for cooking. Camping stoves with multiple burners are best for groups but tend to be bulky and heavy. The Texsport Rainier Compact Stove is a happy median that lets you cook with ease without the excess load.

Despite being lightweight, this stove has high wear and tear resistance. Its exterior uses heavy-duty steel to withstand constant cooking and use. A powder enamel coating also keeps the steel protected from moisture and rust. Its chrome-plated grid, which keeps your pots and pans in place, is just as durable and corrosion-resistant.

Easy to Operate

blankWith its high-quality construction, this stove can last for many years of great outdoor cooking. And users will surely enjoy every experience. Here are some features that make this stove a delight to bring at camp:

  • Adjustable knobs. The Texsport Rainier Compact Stove has dual adjustable flame knobs so you can simmer and fry at the same time. This feature prevents you from burning your food and allows you to control the flame no matter the condition at the campsite.
  • Fuel flexibility. This stove has a metal socket injector valve to fit either a 396g or 453g disposable propane cylinder. The mount is also at its right-hand side, making it easier to set up the stove on a picnic table.
  • Minimal parts. The Texsport Rainier stove is ready to use straight out of the box. No need to spend time assembling it before cooking or dismantling it for storage. With minimal parts to maintain, this stove is also a breeze to clean up.

Wind Protected

The wind is one of our problems when cooking outdoors. Unlike our stoves at home, camping stoves don’t have walls to block off breezes and gales. One gust and the flames will be all over the place or, worst, die out. But, thanks to the full rear and side windscreens of the Texsport Rainier stove, you can handle any windy condition with ease. No need to restart the fire or bring substitute windshields that don’t work. You can avoid heat loss as well and ensure your food cooks with consistent heat every time.

Saves Cooking Time

The Texsport Rainier stove comes with two anti-clog burners, which allow you to cook two different meals at the same time. It’s a great time saver. Both stove burners can work with 20cm pots or pans, so you won’t have a problem finding the proper cookware for it. Also, each stove burner has 10,000 BTUs to ensure even heat distribution. The built-in windscreens and adjustable flame control of this stove further enhance its excellent cooking power.

Very Affordable

One of the best features of the Texsport Rainier stove is its great value. On top of its quality features and durable construction, hikers can enjoy cooking with this stove outdoors without splurging. You can use the money saved from this camping stove for buying other essentials or perhaps food supply to test out this excellent unit.

blankThings to Note

I see the Texsport Rainier as a mid-level camping stove with quintessential specifications, excellent attributes and a great value. While exceptional in most aspects, some hikers may have to consider a few drawbacks I’ve spotted on this stove.

Quite Hefty for Light Travel

If you like to keep your camping trips light and simple, then this 4kg stove may not be your cup of tea. Though it’s lighter than most stoves with multiple burners, backpackers may opt for single-burner units that are easy to carry or pack. Also, this stove may be too big for hikers who enjoy travelling alone or prefer easy one-pot meals.

Lacks Optional Accessories

Texsport does offer a wide range of camping gear and accessories. However, there are no cooking accessories available that work with this Rainier stove. A matching griller or griddle would have expanded the versatility of this camp stove.

No Automated Ignition

One thing you always have to remember when bringing this camp stove outdoors is to have a pack of matches or igniter with you. The lack of an automated or piezo ignition may not be a problem. However, other travellers may prefer having this feature for convenience and safety.

Extra Cost for Fuel

Propane cans are readily available and not that expensive. However, compared with wood-burning stoves that use free biomass for fuel, this propane stove does entail extra cost after purchase. Users who often cook outdoors may also prefer a camping stove that works with more cost-efficient propane tanks.

Pros and Cons

  • Features two burners that can hold up to two 20cm pans
  • Allows you to cook multiple meals to save time and fuel
  • Has full rear and side panels to block the wind and avoid heat loss
  • Made of durable, rust-resistant enamel-coated steel, anti-clog burners and chrome-plated grate
  • With two independent dials for adjusting heat
  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Can be fitted with a 396g or 453g disposable propane cylinder
  • Propane mount is at the right-hand side for easy setting up on a picnic table
  • With 10,000 BTUs for each burner
  • High quality and very affordable
  • Ideal for car and backyard camping with a group or family
  • A bit heavy and bulky for ultralight travelling, long-distance hiking and backpacking
  • Not ideal if travelling solo
  • No matching cooking accessories available
  • Lacks automated or piezo ignition
  • Propane fuel supply adds cost and requires proper disposal


Final Thoughts

The Texsport Rainier stove may lack the high-end features of similar camping stoves. However, when it comes to construction and heat efficiency, this propane stove is anything but substandard. This camping stove has efficiently balanced all the right attributes for great all-around cooking.

Aside from its adjustable burners and handy windshields, the high-quality materials used also guarantee many years’ worth of delicious meals shared with your mates or family. Plus, who wouldn’t want a reliable yet low-cost stove in his buy list?

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