Weisshorn King Single Swag Review | Good Value

If you’re a recreational camper looking for a compact swag that’s well-made yet affordable, consider giving the Weisshorn King Single Swag a second look. This outdoor dwelling is extra durable with its high-quality poles and ripstop canvas cover. Comfort and convenience factors are well incorporated in the product as well, from its sky mesh to its soft mattress with an air pillow.

The best part is, you get to enjoy the outback without a bulky and heavy swag in toll. With its perfectly balanced features, it’s no wonder the Weisshorn King Single Swag is one of the popular options in the Australian market.


The Weisshorn King Single Swag is full of all-around features that both casual and experienced campers will appreciate. This mid-range swag comes with high-quality components, from cover to base, to stay stable despite being exposed to the elements. And while it’s very durable, it’s also lighter and more compact compared with similar king single swags.

It’s simple to put up and packs away in a breeze. With its small footprint and a carry bag included, transport is not a problem at all. Of course, a swag is not complete without features that add comfort. Aside from its soft foam mattress and air pillow, this swag also has a sky mesh for ventilation, insect protection and peaceful stargazing.

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Best Features of the Weisshorn King Single Swag

Durable, light and comfortable – the Weisshorn King Single Swag has all the right essentials for fantastic swag camping. Here are the rest of its features that make this swag a camper’s favourite.

Strong and long-lasting

blankThe Weisshorn King Single Swag is your ideal home while outdoors with its many well-constructed components:

  • Pre-curved poles. The shape and material of the Weisshorn pole give the swag extra strength and stability. All three dome poles use top-of-the-line 7001-6T aluminium, which is a lightweight yet sturdy and anti-corrosive material. The aluminium poles are also pre-curved, rather than straight, to make it more snap-resistant against strong winds.
  • Ripstop cover. For better moisture and mould protection and longevity, the Weisshorn King Single uses a 14oz 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas. The fabric is also easy to roll up and treated for UV protection. It’s also a full-length canvas design, which makes it easy to keep cold air out when needed.
  • Thick flooring. With a 500gsm PVC bucket base, the bottom of the swag stays protected from water seepage. There’s also an extra 10cm floor height to prevent dew, sand, dirt or water splashes from getting inside. The combined quality of the cover and flooring keeps the swag warm and comfortable.
  • Robust pegs. The pegs for keeping your Weisshorn swag taut and secure are far from being flimsy. Each one is heavy-duty and thick enough to hold your camping swag in place.
  • Eyelets for guy ropes. Instead of using less durable stitched loops for threading the guy ropes, Weisshorn opted for metal eyelets or grommets. This way, you can tug and stretch the flaps at the head and foot ends without damaging your swag canvas.
  • Sturdy carry bag. The carry bag included uses a 420D Oxford canvas for its fabric. It’s also PVC-coated for moisture protection, making it safe to transport your swag while at the back or roof of your truck.

Comfortable and well-ventilated

blankWeisshorn ensures that its swag will keep you comfortable whether you’re sleeping or enjoying the outdoor scenery. Its high-density 50mm foam mattress, for example, is soft and thick enough to keep your body off the cold ground. It may not be as thick as the other mattresses, but this feature makes the swag easier to roll up and more breathable when camping during the dry season.

Its cover is also conveniently removable and washable. It comes with an air pillow, so you won’t have to worry about getting one. You can also pair this compact pillow with your sleeping bag if you prefer to travel with one.

Ventilation is top-notch with the Weisshorn swag, thanks to its UV-treated canvas cover that reduces heat accumulation. You can also fully zip down its canvas cover to reveal the sky mesh – my favourite part of the Weisshorn swag.

Aside from ample ventilation and insect protection, the double-zipped top mesh gives you an unobstructed view of the sky, perfect for sleeping under the stars! There’s also a mesh at the head and foot ends of the swag, so you can keep air circulating even with the top cover in use. There are canvas awnings, too, that let rainwater drip down quickly.

The Weisshorn swag also has features that add convenience. For instance, there are two side pockets inside, which are excellent for storing and accessing small items, like keys and phone, with ease. And to keep dirt and mud from getting inside your sleeping area, its two boot mats at the head and side entryways should come in handy.

Compact and easy to set up

Manageable packed size (80cm x 40cm) and weight (11kg) are probably the best features of the Weisshorn King Single Swag. These attributes are also what makes the swag popular among campers who prefer short weekend trips and have neither a large 4WD nor a roof rack for travelling. You can easily throw this swag into the backseat, and you’re all set.

And because it’s compact, the swag also takes no time to assemble. Its three poles easily slide through the canvas sleeves and attach to the swag body through plastic clips. The sewn-in tie-down straps also make the camping swag easy to pack up.

Good value

Even at an affordable price, the Weisshorn swag still managed to incorporate quality construction and details into one compact product. This feature makes the camping swag all the more appealing to outdoor enthusiasts, especially those after excellent price-to-quality ratio.


Things to Note

Like any other swag, the Weisshorn King Single Swag has its share of drawbacks. Given its compact size, some features have to be reduced or taken out completely. Here are some of the things you need to take into account.

Lacks a vestibule

With a compact and light swag like the Weisshorn King Single Swag, we can’t expect it to have ample room for keeping our bulky camping gear. However, setting up a tarp or flysheet over your swag can make up for its lack of a vestibule. Either accessory will also give your camping swag added protection from the sun and rain.

Smaller than similar swags

Compared with similar king single swags, Weisshorn is shorter and has a lower height. It may be too cramped for bigger guys, and it’s probably best to try it out first before purchasing. While the size dimension can be limiting to some users, it does help keep the swag lighter and more portable.

Not for harsh conditions

Without the top canvas on, the Weisshorn King Single Swag only has the sky mesh for cover, giving cold air lots of access points. With a thinner than usual mattress, it’s probably best to bring a sleeping bag with you as well for added warmth and comfort. It’s not exactly the best swag to bring for camping in extreme weather, but it’s a preferable choice if you enjoy the outdoors more during the dry season.

Pros and Cons

  • Includes three pre-curved 7001-6T aluminium poles for better wind resistance
  • With full-length and water-repellent 14oz 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas cover
  • Thick 500gsm PVC bucket base with extra 10cm floor height for splash and dirt protection
  • With heavy-duty pegs and eyelets on awnings for securing guy ropes
  • Durable 420D Oxford canvas carry bag for transport and storage
  • High-density 50mm foam mattress with an air pillow for comfort
  • UV-treated canvas prevents heat accumulation
  • Sky mesh for ventilation, insect protection and stargazing
  • With two large awnings for better air circulation, two boot mats and two inner pockets
  • More compact and lightweight than other king single swags
  • Quick to set and pack up with tie-down straps sewn in the swag itself
  • Affordable and ideal for users without 4WD or roof rack
  • Lacks a vestibule for keeping bulky gear
  • May not suit large-built or taller individuals
  • Not for camping in extreme weather conditions


Final Thoughts

Not everyone enjoys extreme outdoor adventures, travels with a four-wheel drive or needs a spacious swag. And the Weisshorn King Single Swag is a happy median ideal for recreational or short weekend camping. It’s small enough to fit in the backseat of your car and lightweight for easy assembly. Once set up, this swag lets you enjoy a good night’s rest or the star-lit night sky while keeping pesky insects out. Its well-made components also promise many years of fabulous camping with your family or mates. Most importantly, you get all these without going over budget.

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