WhiteFang Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack | Walkable Sleeping Bag

Extra features in a sleeping bag typically mean added cost. So, unless they enhance sleeping quality or add functionality, they are not usually on top of most hikers’ buy list. The WhiteFang Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, however, might change your mind. This sleeping gear looks and works like any other bags until you unzip its bottom and sides. With this WhiteFang gear, you get not only a reliable but also a wearable sleeping bag, which is perfect while you’re out walking or working in cold weather. Oh, and it’s very affordable to boot.



WhiteFang may not be as well-known as other camping gear brands, but this 3-season synthetic sleeping bag does have the features that will keep you warm while outdoors. It has the traditionally contoured mummy shape with a tapered bottom. While others may find this design constricting, it helps retain heat and withstand low temperatures up to -7°C. It’s quite heavy compared with other sleeping bags (1.5kg), but the compression sack included keeps it compact at 36cm x 20cm. Thanks to its smart zipper system, users can enjoy walking around camp while wearing this sleeping bag. However, it only comes in one colour. But with its super affordable price, this WhiteFang gear is worth considering.

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Best Features of the Sea to WhiteFang Sleeping Bag

Special features can either make or break any camping gear, including sleeping bags. They can make the product stand out from its counterparts, but these can also affect its more essential attributes. So, if it’s your first time to purchase a sleeping bag, it’s best to take note of its add-on features as well. Make sure that they add value rather than unnecessary cost. The WhiteFang is one such gear. Despite its low cost, this sleeping bag is neither short on quality nor functionality.

Wearable bag

The most distinct attribute of the WhiteFang sleeping bag is its zippered feet and arm areas. Zippered sections enhance ventilation and make your sleeping bag more adaptable to varying weather conditions. WhiteFang, however, took it up a notch and transformed this feature so you can wear your sleeping gear like a full-length parka. Now you can prepare and enjoy your breakfast outdoors without having to leave the comforts of your bed! Rather than bring a jacket that adds weight and takes up space, you can always use this feature if the weather becomes a little too chilly.

Made for warmth and comfort


Of course, a sleeping bag is no good if it’s not warm and comfortable. And this WhiteFang gear has the right materials and design, so you can stay comfy whether you’re sleeping in it or wearing it.

  • Mummy shape. Compared with other mummy bags I’ve featured in this review, this bag has the slimmest form to avoid dead space for air. The vaulted foot box also keeps the bag close to your body to trap heat but still has enough wiggle room for your toes.
  • Hollow fibre fill. This synthetic insulation material is friendly to both the environment and your skin. Also, this filling works with the high-quality polyester liner and shell for optimum warmth and temperature control.
  • Adjustable drawstring. You can cinch up the drawcord of the hood to prevent cold air from getting in.
  • Velcro patch. Near the hood is a Velcro securing strap that protects your head and neck by keeping the bag snug to your body.
  • Draft tube. Along the sides of the zipper is a full-length draft tube, which adds extra padding and protection from cold air.


The WhiteFang sleeping bag may weigh more than other similar mummy bags available in the market. However, what makes it very easy to carry and transport is the compression sack included. With this handy accessory, you won’t have to spend for a compression bag from a third-party manufacturer. It’s an excellent and useful add-on, considering the total cost of this sleeping bag.

Durable yet affordable



WhiteFang’s very reasonable price point is one of its best features, especially among campers trying to stretch a limited budget. It’s a good enough 3-season bag with all the extra features you won’t find in any other gear. Also, if this bag doesn’t keep you comfortably warm in colder weather, you can always use the cost savings for a versatile sleeping mat or liner. Its pocket-friendly price gives you more allowance to customise the bag based on your needs and preference.

But low price doesn’t mean poor quality for this WhiteFang gear. Its shell, for example, is a coated 210T polyester to resist rips and tears. It also makes the bag wrinkle-proof, so it looks good and ready to use without all that fluffing. One of the best benefits of this polyester fabric is its resistance to water. The bag is IPX5 rated, meaning it is impervious to damp conditions and can withstand occasional splashes.

Another thing that makes this sleeping bag very durable is its zippers. The thin liner of the bag can easily get caught in the zipper’s teeth, making zipping and unzipping rather tedious. This problem also makes the bag prone to ripping. WhiteFang resolved these issues with its double-slider SBS 5 zippers. This feature makes it convenient for you to zip up even while inside the sleeping bag. More importantly, it has gone through a stretch quality test for 100,000 times to ensure zero zipper malfunction.

Easy to clean

Who wants an excellent sleeping bag that’s difficult to clean? Well, no one. And it’s a good thing that this WhiteFang sleeping bag is machine washable, thanks to its top-notch construction and durable materials.



Things to Note

I would have to say that this WhiteFang gear has the most useful features most hikers and campers look for in a sleeping bag. The best part is, WhiteFang incorporated them in a well-designed, low-cost package. However, some users may still have other needs or preferences that this bag may fail to provide.

Tight and small

The narrow shape of the WhiteFang mummy bag makes it an excellent heat insulator. However, broad-chested or large-framed users may have trouble slipping into its rather compact form. If they do fit in, it’s unlikely for them to sleep comfortably in it. Considering that it is not the most lightweight mummy bag around, some campers may opt for a lighter and more spacious option.

Not for long-distance hikes

As I’ve mentioned, this sleeping bag is 1.5kg, which is a little heavier than other similar gear. Despite its compact packed size, serious hikers may have to reconsider bringing this bag for long-distance treks and backpacking.

No stash pocket

It may be a minor issue, but some users prefer having their small valuables within easy reach. And unfortunately, the WhiteFang does not come with a zippered stash pocket for your phone, keys or headlamp. It doesn’t include straps for securing a pillow or sleeping mat either. And if you do need add-ons for your sleeping gear, you may need to look for third-party manufacturers as WhiteFang lack options for sleeping mats, liners, storage bags and similar items.

Pros and Cons

  • Features a narrow mummy design for optimum warmth
  • Zippered feet and arm openings so you can walk around while wearing the sleeping bag
  • Includes a hood with adjustable drawcord, Velcro secure strap and full-length draft tube to block cold air
  • Has an environment and skin-friendly hollow fibre synthetic fill
  • Includes a compression sack for easy transport
  • Made of 210T polyester for durability, wrinkle protection and water resistance
  • Durable SBS 5 zippers are tested 100,000 times to ensure ease of use and prevent snagging
  • Has a double-slider zipper system so you can zip up and out easily while inside the sleeping bag
  • Conveniently machine washable
  • Very affordable
  • Might be a bit cramped for large-framed users, especially on the shoulder and chest areas
  • Quite heavy than similar bags, making it unsuitable for long-distance travel and backpacking
  • Lacks a stash pocket
  • No straps for securing a sleeping mat or pillow
  • Does not have add-on purchase options available

Final Thoughts




The WhiteFang Sleeping Bag is on the heavy side when compared with other similar 3-season mummy bags. Despite its compact size and compression sack included, some backpackers may not prefer to carry the extra load. Also, some hikers favour the convenience of lightweight bags that are more spacious or have basic features like back straps and stash pockets. However, campers won’t be disappointed with the top-notch construction and design of this WhiteFang gear, considering its very affordable price. Its materials are well chosen and tested to ensure that you stay comfortable even on wet conditions. And, for a sleeping bag that’s portable, wearable and easy to clean, what’s not to love?

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