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5 Reasons to Try Winter Surfing in Australia

The winter months of June to August may mean curling up on the couch and whipping up warm meals in the kitchen. But these are also the best times to go surfing in Australia, especially if you are a beginner. What, riding the waves in icy water? Well, the ocean may be a little chilly during this time. However, it’s also the season with the best surfing conditions. And I’ve got a few more reasons why you should surf and brave the cold weather!

1. Superb Offshore Winds

Surfers would agree that this is the best type of wind when riding ocean waves. And you get loads of it when you go winter surfing in Australia. Light offshore winds are those that blow from land to water. It blows against the top of the wave, resulting in cleaner, steeper waves and higher chances of forming a barrel. Beginners and experienced surfers can also paddle and take off on the wave easily with this wind condition.

The 57km white sandy beaches of the Gold Coast are perhaps the best spots to experience how to surf with offshore winds. Lots of visitors usually flock to the area, though. But people with any level of surfing will surely enjoy its consistent waves. Some of the surf spots here that you should go to are the Spit, Burleigh Heads, Snapper Rocks and Duranbah Beach. And while you are there, don’t forget to enjoy other Gold Coast water activities!

2. Smooth Regular Swells

Compared with summer, rolling waves during the winter season are cleaner and more reliable. That means you are less likely to be dumped into the sea, which is good news for first-timers. It’s also the reason why winter is the best time to learn surfing in Australia. It will be easier for newbies to catch a beginner wave and ride it towards the beach.

Consistent swells are also excellent for paddling practice and a good workout. The crystal-clear ocean water due to fewer northerly winds is perfect for watching marine life, too. So, if you want a smooth-sailing surf lesson, try wintertime. The Noosa Heads, in particular, is the best surf spot for beginners. After class, you can even go trekking at the Noosa Coastal Walk, see wildlife and experience whale watching.

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3. Pleasant Surf Weather

Australian winter is not exactly cold, drab and grey. It’s an excellent season with lots of sunny days and no rain clouds. And that means brilliant weather for safe surfing! It’s also the best condition for surfers who do not want to scorch under the extreme Australian summer heat. Water temperature during winter is also between 18C and 22C, which is excellent while surfing in a spring suit.

Water is warmer on the east coast during this season. In that case, I recommend testing your surfing skill at Byron Bay, one of the top surf spots in Australia. It’s a surf mecca during summer, but it is still an excellent site for surfers when temperatures begin to ease. And if you’re into scuba diving, make sure to stop by Julian Rocks to see tropical and cold-water marine life in one famous dive spot.

4. Less Crowded Beaches

While people love surfing in Australia, not every Aussie surfer is keen to be near the water once the colder weather starts. So, take this as an opportunity to learn how to surf. With fewer people at the beach, you’ll have more room to move and more waves for practising.

You won’t have to worry about bumping into someone while in the water or damaging surfing equipment. If you are a beginner surfer, you’ll likely be with a small group, too, making classes more focused and relaxed.

So, if you prefer to surf without the crowd and noise, then head to Western Australia. For an experienced surfer, Margaret River has the technical waves and intense barrels that will surely test your skills. But, for those who like calm waters, Leighton Beach is for you. This popular surf spot in Perth even has a northern dog-friendly beach. Plus, it’s a great site to watch and learn how to kitesurf.

5. Fun Wintertime Bonding

The best reason to try winter surfing in Australia is you get to gather with other winter surfers and share tips and tricks over bottles of beer. There’s also nothing better than enjoying a warm shower or a cup of hot coffee after a chilly surf session.

All in all, Aussie winter surfing has a lot of perks that surfers would enjoy. It’s an experience you shouldn’t pass up. Oh, and it’s 100% better than staying in bed all day for sure!

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